His Heart’s Desire – Purified Bloodlines!


God keeps talking to me about purifying our spiritual bloodlines, so we can move forward more with Him.

God is all around us, and speaks to us in many ways.  Yet we are often so distracted by other things going on around us, or we are weary of the battles, or we have our priorities in other areas, or are in denial about ourselves, and think, “Oh, she isn’t talking about me,” so that we don’t see what is right before our eyes or take notice of what we are doing, sometimes repeatedly, that God is speaking to us about repeatedly.

Sometimes, repeated infections, representing sin / spirits / demons, are allowed, because the spiritual bloodline isn’t yet clear and the LORD is showing us without having our bloodline clear, we are allowing sin into our lives, sometimes without knowing or understanding what we have done.

This is especially true if the infections are in the areas of our kidneys, liver, or lymph systems, which are used in our own body to clean our blood.  Having cleared spiritual bloodlines will help clear the way for God to heal you inside and out.

Another picture representing sin / spirits / demons within us, is when we are having to clean, sort, rearrange and throw away things no longer needed or from our past, or that of a loved one.  God does the same thing to us, in deliverance.

He cleans us out, sorts through the mess, rearranges us, and gets rid of the garbage within us.  He keeps within us those things that need to stay for now, according to His will.  So if you find yourself cleaning, sorting, rearranging and throwing things away, especially repeatedly, then God is probably trying to let you know that you need to get some deliverance or He’s doing deliverance in you, and it’s probably in your bloodline.

I know I’m going through deliverance and inner healing with Him, when I find myself repeatedly yawning (and I’m not tired), weeping (and I don’t have a clue why, unless I ask Him), burping (and I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have), and the following, which are not occurring because I’m sick: passing gas, vomiting, diarrhea or constantly using the toilet.

Face it, the spirits / demons have to get out of your system through one of the openings you have in your body, and those are the major ones!  Much of the time you will see the countenance of someone change who has gone through deliverance into a more peaceful, less wrinkled, less stressful, happy look on their face and oftentimes body.

Some have prayed prayers for freemasonry, other secret societies, or other things, only to have it pop back up again.   Sometimes there are obstacles to getting completely free at a given time.

We also don’t know everything our relatives did or said, who were before us, not even our parents ( remember, a secret is a secret) so go back before them, and that leaves a BIG OPEN DOOR FOR THE ENEMY TO TRY TO GET THROUGH TO CAUSE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PAIN, HARM, OR SUFFERING.

Spirits / demons:   Inhabit us at different layers / levels, so that you may have gotten those nearest the surface, but not the deeper level or possibly generational spirits.

The LORD showed me years ago we are all like onions.   So that as each layer is peeled off in deliverance, i t exposes the next layer below.

You may feel fine and your layers look shiny and new, until it is necessary for the next layer, or the former shiny layer that is now brown and old looking, to get peeled off.   This is a repeated process.

No one is perfect, except Jesus, so that you will need to get rid of the spirits / demons within, before you can even come closer to His purity or perfection.  For all of us, complete purity / perfection won’t be until we are with Him in Heaven.

So all those with perfectionist tendencies, who think you are already there, need to let go of pride, insecurity, and fear, so that you can be delivered of perfection, because they lay at its root, so they help to hold it up, support it, and I’m sure are constantly telling it to, “never let go of the body you are in!”

Familiar spirits:  Have a hard time letting go, and will follow you around or be at places you are very “familiar with,” just so that they can check if you have made any openings for them to sneak back in.

Familiar spirits are why those with addictions have a hard time getting free, because they often go back to their old stomping grounds or where they lived.  The familiar spirits of that addiction are just waiting there for them to come back, so they can re-inhabit them, to make them miserable and try to destroy them.

We don’t always think of spirits transferring, communicating, or manifesting, but those are some of the favorite ways to find new territory / bodies for them to inhabit.  Just because you have renounced something such as bloodline curses, doesn’t mean your family or relatives before you did.

So when you visit family, they may still have regalia, books, pictures, statues, or other items that represent that belief system / secret society.  The spirits within those items will recognize if you are near, and will check you out, as I said, for any openings, so they can transfer to inhabit someone new!

Then, they can communicate with the other spirits, and tell them how much fun they are having, or how bad they are making you feel, or what they are putting you through, so more will come into or around you.  They love to manifest or show off to each other, and that may be through making you feel bad physically, through your moods / emotions, how you speak / don’t speak to others or other ways.

So just pray,

“Praise you LORD, that You are in control of all things.  So Father, in the Name of Jesus, I forbid any spirits from transferring, communicating, or manifesting at ___’s house, or while I am with ____ today or at ____ today.“

That should take care of them and keep you free of any additional baggage, you don’t need anyway.

It is not your fault someone generations before you took oaths / vows to someone / something other than the One True GodBut it is your responsibility to do something about it, because if you don’t they will affect your life and the lives of those you love by causing problems you thought you’d never have and you will often wonder where they came from!

The LORD has also impressed on me that married couples need to both do the prayers of renunciation / forgiveness for secret societies / generational curses.  My understanding is because you are married and as one before the LORD, and all creation knows it.

So, what is in one, is in the other, meaning that renunciation and forgiveness prayers regarding secret societies / generational curses need to be said together, as much as possible.

So check out your bloodlines.  What country and tribe did your family come from generations ago?  Secret societies in different nations may have different wording in vows taken.  Some early tribes were known for their bloodthirsty ways and vows / oaths taken.  Check online for renunciations of certain people groups to be more specific in your prayers to cover all the bases.

God wants to heal all of us, from the inside out.  But if we are allowing hindrances to get in the way, we are the ones holding ourselves back from our best possible relationship with Him.

We are the ones, keeping God, because of our ignorance, distractions, weariness, or whatever, from healing us more.  I’m not saying God can’t do it by Himself because I know personally, He can and does.  But I also know there are times when he expects us to take a part in what we are asking of Him.

If we aren’t obedient to what He is asking us to do, our chances of moving forward more, become less and less, because we have then opened ourselves to rebellion, which is as witchcraft through our disobedience to not doing what He is asking of us.

He wants us to open our eyes and hearts to see ourselves in a NEW WAY, through HIS EYES and HEART, so that we MOVE FORWARD with HIM, as is HIS HEART’S DESIRE!


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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His Heart’s Desire – Purified Bloodlines! — 1 Comment

  1. This is EXCELLENT!
    I also minister to others helping them get free, and this is a wonderful explanation of how these spirits work. Thank you for a great article! I will be sharing this!

    If it’s okay, I would also like to mention that I have a very thorough prayer to renounce generational sins that can help people get free.
    The Breakthrough Prayer is available on our web site called “Beyond the Barriers.”

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