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You are being Changed! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the prophetic words my beloved sister. I receive all these awesome words of encouragement in the name of Jesus. I will arise and shine my dearest sister! Oh! I love the Lord so much thank you once again for strenghtning us. I am very stirred in my spirit. I need more of Him. God blessy you! AMEN

  2. I encourage you dear sister! Keep revealing the Loving heart of Our Savior! I know you have likely felt the heat of opposition but don’t be discouraged know your fruit is leading many to a living Savior who has the power to save and the power to redeem! There is honor in coming in the name of another that is greater and faithfully sharing His will and not your own. Lift up Jesus and be encouraged in The Lord! I give The Lord Jesus thanks for loving us so!

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