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How Is Your Depth Perception? — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the reminders, dear sister.
    As for me I can say, with GOD`s knowing:
    I do not know any other person who has left so many false treasures, false teachers, false “friends”, false doctrines. We all know Christians with flourishing businesses who do not really care about anything holy.
    We know Philippians 2:15: “We are children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.”
    And so it comes that we sometimes get an invitation to “secular, ordinary people”. If we do not come, they mock us. If we come, brethren mock us. BUT GOD…. HE sat together with the lost, the sick, the poor in Spirit, and first of all: Mostly with the poor. We all have seen the video of the mega church of 10.000 people but only 3 were acting like JESUS wanted them to act. Or Isaiah 58 tells us: Take care for this lost world, be salt and light, go on and DO your work ! It is not only about feeding them. It is 1st of all: Being there for anybody who asks you if you can walk a mile with him. Don`t worry – not many ask this – you still will have time for your nice Sunday after church naps…. and your own household. But Ezechiel already knew and foretold in chapter 34: They only look for their own houses… Anyway – I notice your true intention in your article. Stay blessed !

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