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Q&A: How to Flee Babylon & How to Hear the Voice of God — 3 Comments

  1. Very good advices but maybe I can add some help. First of all I will say that one is automatically outside the Babylon and beast system (which is the same as human’s system) the moment one take a quality decision to only trust in and obey the Lord no matter outwardly circumstances, because when we make that decision from the depth of our heart we will shut out everything else that will try to disturb us. To do this requires a disciplined mind which is why Jesus said ‘make them disciples’ because He only speaks to those who already claim they believe in Him.

    We can only receive the Holy Spirit through perfect obedience and by that disciplined mind which binds every thought to the obedience of Christ. We don’t receive it by only ‘believe in Jesus’. The Holy Spirit is the same as ‘thoughts from God’. We most often think that a spirit is the same as a flying thing but a spirit is ‘thoughts’, so when our thoughts and acts are in perfect agreement with God’s thoughts, then we also receive have the Holy Spirit or ‘holy thoughts from God’ and this can only come through obedience.

    “the Holy Spirit whom God hath given to (only) them that (no matter circumstances)obey Him. Acts.5:32

    When we obey God and speak only in agreement with what we receive from His thoughts we are ‘speaking with new tounges’ and are ‘walking in the Spirit’ and that speech which comes from our mouth is fully understandable.

    When we continue to discipline our thoughts to the obedience to God we don’t have to bother about anything because we will be lead moment by moment without any need to store up anything or seek a ‘safe’ place because we are constantly prepared for quick changes.

    Now, and only by just seeking the Father and focus at Him, we are automatically delivered from both Babylon and the beast system, just by that quality decision and in that moment something will happen,for example that you no longer can receive your money because they have shut down your credit card, you just continue to walk in the direction the Lord lead you.

    • I have to add to this a little warning about ‘signs’. An obedient believer will allways receive ‘signs’ from God which will confirm what He has said. But you shall never ‘look for or search for signs’ because it is very easy that we believe that God has gives us a thought and then we will look for something that will confirm our own believes.

      When God say or show us something He will then allways confirm it in a way we can not expect or ‘find’ by ourselves and it will allways follow a certain pattern which will be as puzzle pieces, so when we look backwards we begin to see ‘the picture’, because ÅHe allways build up our understanding (of Him and His Word).
      Like when we build a house, one stone must fit perfectly into next and when we look at it we begin to see the building.

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