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How to See Beyond the Natural — 2 Comments

  1. I am adding this post to the previous:

    I will agree with what is spoken about the signs in the sky because God is perfect in details and I believe from the visions, dreams and words I have myself received during the years that the time is ready for the spiritual birth, but, as I said so is the birth something that – exactly as one know by signs from inside oneself that one is pregnant and that the baby is growing something one has been lead to step by step by direct contact from God. 

    To ‘see’ a pregnant woman does not mean that ‘one self’ shall have a baby. Only the one who has the growing signs inside of him/her are pregnant and we know that Christ shall arise IN his obedient servants and we also know that
    without holiness no man shall see God. (Hebr.12:14)

    By this one can understand that if the whole world not suddenly become holy then no one still will not see what will happen next.
    This is the invisible separation which is the same as at during the times of Noa and this separation is inside ‘christianity’.

  2. Today I recommend believers to take blinders on and meditate on nothing else than the Bible because there are so many spirits at work and they can seem very ‘godly’. we live in a spiritual realm which is lower than God’s eternal realm and therefore is the lower realm easy to ‘open up ‘. Reaching God’s realm requires a dying from self.

    When God gives one a dream He will NEVER leave one without the answer of it. He will also expound the dream while times goes on so it fits in to the spiritual building He build in us. If we seek answers somewhere outside Him and don’t wait till the next dream, vision or word come we will only walk into deeper darkness. 

    When we receive a dream or vision or a Word from God He will the next time He gives us something which will build directly on the previous vision, dream or word. The next vison will continue to fit to the previous and so on.
    THIS is how He build us up in knowledge and that is why we walk in faith and not by sight (we can not see the building block He will give us the next time) and when we so to say ‘look back’ we can see how our ‘ spiritual house’, begins to take form. Therefore can NO ‘symbols’ be found in this house which is not built on sand.
    This is why God says about the true obedient walk with Him:

    “thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it Isaiah 30:21

    Jesus said that the last time shall be as in the time of Noa.
    “They knew nothing”. They did not know that there were a spiritual separation going on.
    Only Noa knew because God only spoke to Him and Noa did not listen to any other than God. Therefore could Noa, step by step be lead into the ‘ark’ while the others – who did ‘build and plant’ their own spiritual vision of how to serve God and who tried by different sources to understand what He said – were taken away by false spirits, the flood of the mixture of truth and false, good and evil. Their houses were built on sand.

    Do anyone understand the warning signals?

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