Hurricane Michael & God’s Divine Judgement & Justice on the USA

Storms :-  Gods Divine Judgement and Justice, Gods Mercy and Majesty Being Made Manifest In The Earth…!

Please see the following two previous HKP posts in support of this Word.

Postscript Note:

i believe that this Word (below) speaks to both the spiritual and natural/ physical manifestations of The LORD’s justice and judgement in the nation.

i believe it no coincidence that this hurricane is called Michael, and we have just witnessed the battle both spiritually and natural/ physically over Supreme Court Justice Brett “Michael” Kavanaugh!

I believe we are seeing the physical manifestations of the spiritual battle that has taken place over the land.

Remember how i spoke of the head of Leviathan being taken off?  (See below)

Well, i believe this storm, Hurricane Michael, is a manifestation of the purification and purging that has taken place.

A divine dismantling is taking place in the heavens and its manifesting in the natural realm.

This is why i say rebuking the storm is not always the right thing to do.

Pray protection, yes!  But rebuke it, NO!!!!

These things will and must take place in order that the divine work that The LORD has begun and will be brought to full completion and perfection in the nation.

His ways are not our ways!

America! A Storm is Brewing!

An urgent Word for the great nation of America…!

A storm is brewing, its time to go up quickly!

Listen!  The sound of thunder will be heard, the reign of divine justice is now falling upon the land….!

America, its time to rejoice.  The reign of divine justice is now falling upon the soil of your land.

I see; new life, new life, new life beginning to emerge from the place of darkness, that which has laid dormant will now come forth..!

Late last night, I was awakened by the sound of thunder in the realm of the spirit.

As I opened my eyes, I immediately saw in the spirit the nation of America and I saw heavy dark clouds rising in the east.

As I began to pray, I heard The Spirit say, “Tell My People its time!

Lift up your eyes and see!  For heavy dark clouds are now rising from the east.

Tell My People to go up quickly! 

Listen!  For the sound of thunder, the sound of heaven invading the earth, the sound of a supernatural shifting will now be heard going forth across the land.

Tell My People to take cover, to batten down the hatches, to remain under the canopy of My Covenant, for a violent storm is brewing.

Watch and pray!  For the reign of My Justice will now fall upon this land and that which has laid dormant will now come forth.

Watch!  For the waters will rise, the fires will burn and My winds will blow across this nation.

Open your eyes and see!  For a divine work of purging and purification has begun to take place in this nation.

Watch!  For My Hand will now pass over you and those who have been marked in blood, will be protected and preserved in the midst of the storm that must now come,” says God.

America: The Nation is Being Realigned! 

America, its time for the righteous to decree and declare that the nation is being realigned with the reign of His justice….!

A quick Word for the nation of America… The Kavanaugh hearing..!

“Fear not!  See!  The head of leviathan has been taken off,”  says The Spirit of God.


America; Supreme Court… “Head of the snake has been cut off!”

Someone just sent me this link, check this out and listen to the end where this lady makes reference to “Cutting off the head of the snake.”

This is amazing confirmation of what God spoke to me last night as I watched Dr. Ford give her testimony.

See my video from last night (above) the head of the leviathan has been cut off!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Hurricane Michael & God’s Divine Judgement & Justice on the USA — 2 Comments

  1. BLESSSINGS VERONIKA AS † ♥ Y (don’t forget the 3 SEVEN’s STAGES and the *153 fishes in the NET*, as they will be counted in the 7 levels by the COURTS OF HIS GOVERNANCES. AMÉN. SHALOM