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  1. Dear Heavenly Father God, Thank You so much for all You are doing, allowing, to make me what You created me to do.I can never Thank You enough and am truly sorry for all my complaining, idle words, ect…Thank You for never leaving me or forsaking me loving me unconditionally with an everlasting love.Please Father God continue the good work You started, You are The Author and finisher of my Faith.I Love You LORD. ALL HONOR! ALL GLORY! ALL PRAISE! BELONGS TO YOU! amein and amen

  2. How True are your words spoken through your servant Debra Lowe, Wow, these words, these words, pentrate deeply within my spirit, for yes, I am one of them who has endured heavy trails, dryness, refusing to compromise, to let what you have spoken so deeply within my heart to give up, to let go, although there has been many days, many painful moments in my lifetime, enduring, refusing to let go, holding onto your faithful promises, spoken over my life knowing your spoken words, will not fail me. I at one time or another, felt like I was in this All by myself.

    I know that I know now, you have allowed it to be so, for my growth and development in you, which is confirmation to me. Praise the Lord, I can relate to this comment from Sharon Patton, been there also, my enemies, have tried to hremove me also from my job, in which I have done no wrong, yet I’m still standing. I’m hated, persecuted, just as Jesus has spoken it to be so, for he is in me, therefore the world hates me, for I am not of this world, I am in him, who reigns, and is seated in the heavens. I am victorious. Glory to God! Thanks for sharing these beautiful words Debra Lowe, always a delight to me, for when the Father,speaks through you, it is like Wow, confirmation all the time for me. Amen

  3. My God my God, thank you for this word from the Living God! After 17 years at my job I was forced out because they stated I was behind on my notes. They searched and searched but couldn’t find nothing! I was in the process of completing the few back notes and they said Go! I know I am being set up for a great Harvest! I believe it and receive it! Praise God!! Thank you for the prophecy of my behalf! In Jesus name!! Amen –(@

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