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I AM Calling You to Action! — 5 Comments

  1. In the last year since i left North America they hire all sorts of horribly abusive people to follow, stalk, mutter, peep (ha)repeating, cursing, laughing, saying deranged demented things everywhere I go. (I’m very serious…even using satanic technology to spread their evil words) years of abuse.
    They hide in the shadows They hate the influence we have and so try to bring us down to there demented level by spreading poison.Hateful people.
    Its really all about the parable of the sower Jesus plants his profoundness within us, so the devil tries to sow his darkness all around.They think that there words (hahaha) are greater than Gods Words… its all about words.Because we carry something within us that’s great!

  2. Thank you for the prophetic word which just arrived at the opportune time. My faith is lifted high.  I receive with an open heart prophet of God. Amen

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