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  1. Thank you for these words of warnings which made me again almost tremble in fear of not being ready.

    Speaking of being ‘ready’ I will give the revelation of the ‘ten virgins’ in the way I have come to understand it.
    There are four ‘groups’involved in this parable:
    1.The foolish
    2.The wise
    3.The other
    4.The ready

    Only those who are ready will enter the door the same second the Lord will open it because The Lord is the door and only by walking in a constant readiness with Him, always obeying the impression from His Spirit, NEVER sleeping and NEVER leading anyone in the wrong spiritual direction will make one a good servant and ready.

    The -in their own eyes- wise virgins told the foolish virgins to
    go and buy some oil. This makes one wonder what kind of ‘oil’ themselves were carry in their own lamps!
    And the foolish virgins had also obviously thought that the ‘wise’ had true oil(the true spirit) in their lamps because they had followed them and asked them for spiritual advice.

    (ONLY)those who were ready (not the foolish, not the ‘wise’, not the ‘other’ went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was locked.

    When the door (Jesus) opens it will be in a nanosecond and there will be no time to start walking ‘too’ the door.

    “THEREFORE let us not sleep , as do others (the foolish and the in their own eyes ‘wise’) but let us watch and be sober (ready) 1Thess.5:6

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