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I AM Raising Up Elijahs! — 2 Comments

  1. It is my belief that the spirit of elijah may already be operating to some extent, amazingly powerful although perhaps not with the fullness of anointing or transfiguration. Canada, which historically participated in the genocide of its indigenous peoples, experienced an apocalyptic wildfire in Saskatchewan, displacing hundreds of thousands and costing billions. The cause is believed to be lightning. Puerto Rico is reeling in the aftermath of a mysterious fire, again believed to be caused by lightning, which left the entire island, and reportedly between 1.5-3.5 million customers without power for days. Multiple generators throughout PR malfunctioned, catching fire. Could it be that the reports of PR satanic rituals, worship, and sacrifices are true? That the island is rife and unrepentant with espiritismo, santeria, voodoo, and Afro-Cuban occult practices and that the Almighty is warning them? Not to mention that the entire West Coast of the US is ablaze. What’s up with that?

  2. My God! Our God! He does not cease to amaze me. Thank you for the word.
    Yesterday i heard in the spirit to do to a certain mall and also anoint there. I could not understand why as there were other places i have been shiwn in dreams before but i felt this was not one of them. So i wanted to think fleshly but nevertheless went to this mall. Upon arrival i was reminded of a dream i had in 2014 which was at this mall indeed, Dream: i was in a shop big one like a factory pushing a trolley full of goods i came to purchase, it was late i was one if the few in the shop and no one allowed i think. All of a sudden saw Two Judges walked in from South towards North, i was like they are allowed in, is it because they are Judges?. They were carrying their black gowns/robes on their arms walking seriously and fast, they instructed people working here the manager to take my trolley quickly take it to the till and have it paid and i only received my receipt to get my goods upon leaving all paid in full.end of dream. To add to the amazement stayed in car reading my past years dreams and after about 2 hours went in a mall, i met someone who ended up directing to a place and there i saw a shop with shoes i dreamed the previou night and they kep emphasizing how durable those leather materials are. How amazing. This morning my rechargaeble lamp just switched itself brightly and it was off and low.

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