I AM removing that which was meant to destroy you!


I AM giving you Beauty for Ashes, cleansing and refreshing for trials and tribulations.  As you have gone through a time of trial and transition, you thought, at times, you might never come through.  You were going through times of severe warfare and you did not understand that it was warfare.

I gave you the perseverance to hold on by faith.  You said in your heart, “I will not retreat, I am taking NO steps backwards, if I cannot walk I will stand still and I will wait”.

I have put within you new endurance, new determination, new energy and new vigor in the realm of the Spirit, and even in the physical,

I AM strengthening your physical body as it took a strike as well.

I AM removing the hurt you were traumatized with,

I AM removing the wounds that have been inflicted upon you.

You have been loyal and you have been true, your heart focused on Me and seeking after My will.   There is a breaking off of the old, a putting on of new, it is a new season, it is a new day.  Times of refreshing come now, your recovery draws near.

As you have been in a dry and parched land, you wondered if life could or would ever be good again, but the Lord says, “Yes My dear children, it will be good again”.

I AM bringing you into the place of clear waters of refreshing in the land of the living.  I purposed to bring you many times and now, as you have let go of old precepts and have begun to take on new understanding through My word, by revelation, your understanding being enlightened, as you opened your heart to Me and allowed Me to teach you the more excellent way; I AM pouring into you and through you, new purposes, new strategies all the more.

Seek me with all of your heart, desire revelation from My word with all of your heart, I will release to you what you will be releasing to others.  All you have to give is what I have given to you.  New strength will come in double portion. All that the enemy has stolen from you, I will replace and even in double and triple portions.

I AM your inheritance.  I AM the restorer of the betrayal and the restorer of division.  Look up.  I have chosen you out from among many.  I have heard your cry.  Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so.  Rejoice, My children!

This is your season!  Rejoice in a season of joy as choose to rest yourselves in Me!

Amen and Amen.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



I AM removing that which was meant to destroy you! — 6 Comments

  1. This is straight from the mouth of God.
    Thank you for the confirmation.

    This is exactly what I meditated on just this morning. Specific words like chosen, beauty for ashes, rest and not knowing sometimes I was even under attack because it has just been so severe sometimes I don’t even recognize it!

    Yes and Amen!
    Thank you Gail. You are always on point.

  2. What a confirmation. I was just thinking about so many things that I have been up against. I can look back & see where satan tried to destroy me. I had seizures, a result of a fall. That started in early childhood. Now, I do not have seizures, all glory to God! I got involved with the epilepsy association & found out about a kind of neurosurgery that some could qualify for. After many years, I was tested & I was a very good candidate. Doctor & surgeon was optimistic. On June 9th in 1992, I had the neurosurgery in Methodist Hospital. Texas Rehabilitation foot the whole bill, for me. Praise God!

  3. This is the second prophecy I’ve seen from HKP. How can I sign up to get these sent to my email?