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I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden — 4 Comments

  1. “Then the nations around you that remain will know that I the Lord have rebuilt what was destroyed and have replanted what was desolate. I the Lord have spoken, and I will do it.’” ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭36:36‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  2. Hi Veronica, I’ve been praying.
    From the lowest earthly regions to above the heavens, the One Who filled the Universe with Himself is now unfolding!!
    Who can stand? Who can endure? He who has clean hands and a pure heart.
    Father thank You for doing what only You can do by the Power of Your Holy Spirit, through what You’ve already completed through Jesus at the Cross. :)

  3. ‘I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden
    Along with sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime.
    Thank you Veronika, our president receives his instructions from someone who hates: America, Jews & Christian too.

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