I Can’t Stay Offended!


Some of the oppression that is playing out against us, is coming from those it should not be coming from.

It’s been said here that we may have been living in the last days for some time now.  If we honestly look back down the road, we can see that many of the signs, were already there.

Even so, we were told that evil men would wax worse and worse.  If we can face it, and it is hard to do, we can admit that in certain ways, many of us were deceived to some extent or the other.  It wasn’t what it looked like.

It’s still difficult for me to accept that in this time, and likely even before, that people would hate you for being good!

What kind of folk would be so unhappy with who they are, that they would seek to tear down someone who was only doing their best?

It troubles me to realize more today, what many of us faced in those we dealt with all along.  At times, I wonder why the subject of envy, wasn’t actually addressed.  Particularly in what many of us called “Church.”   It doesn’t seem fair to teach certain things we want, and leave out others.

There are some things that one might have expected from the world, but not among our assemblies and fellowships.  Perhaps I have been a bit naive to actually not understand, why some people would practically hate you, because you had some gift or talent, they did not have.

As in most cases, that kind have no true idea of what it took to get to where we are, or the price that it cost.

It has often perplexed me that many of such folk are very talented also.  But, they are not satisfied with their gifts.  They want what you have.

Looking back, how many people have we known who always seemed to be offended?  In reality, we all have been offended in some kind of way; that’s human.  And oftentimes, we had good reason for feeling that way.

But to hold on to that offense to the point of being determined to undermine and destroy everything that is around you, is a step too far in the wrong direction.

If I might say it, I once saw a thriving and powerful church destroyed over the spirit of envy. The desire for power and control, caused real division.

If we thought we saw offense in before times, it’s nothing compared to what we will see in the days ahead.  One might ask, how can you say that and what gives you the right to say it?

It was written in the word of God and is coming to pass, even as we speak.

Instead of working together and pulling together, especially now, too many are busy building their own kingdoms.  It seems strange somehow, if we were to say that the body of Christ has been split in many different directions.  Seeking for power and control, will always produce self.

But Jesus Christ himself said that He would clean his Body up, before He returns.

How can I be offended if someone else has the answer and I don’t?

If I can relate it humbly, there was one way that we all learned to sing and play instruments well.  It was by watching and learning from those who were better than we were at it.

I can recall as a young boy, standing beside someone playing the piano, so I could see where they placed their hands.  We all did that.  We became one of the greatest groups, because we learned to follow.

It’s likely that many of those who are offended about you, will very well remain that way.  That is, unless God moves them out of our way; and He is going to do so even more.

We cannot handle such a bunch of ugly people without becoming what they are.  But I know One today, who can handle them.

The Spirit has work that He has planned for a long time; there’s much at stake here.  There’s one particular thing that would help us all.  And that is an old-fashioned case of repentance.

We are either in this together, or we are going to lose.

I can’t stay offended, I have to get over it.  And do it soon.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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I Can’t Stay Offended! — 2 Comments

  1. “It’s still difficult for me to accept that in this time, and likely even before, that people would hate you for being good!”

    I have come to the insight that exactly this is a great sign of the times, to be hated for doing good and to be hated for refuse to tell a lie.
    In the medical area where I work, I meet this over and over again and I have even been fired from places because of that I continually refuses to lie (so called ‘white lies’) to the patients.
    But, I am greatly blessed by God for having been fired for the reason that I speak truth and not for the reason that I lie!

    “For let none of you suffer as a murderer, or thief, or evil-doer, or as an inspector into other men`s matters,” 1 Peter 4:15.

  2. Jealousy and envy is a powerful weapon that the army of darkness use to devour one another. I luv the article because I have been the victim of witchcraft because of these spirits. The lord had elevated me from being a convicted felon and drug addict to a women if p purpose but many people don’t know the process thst it took to get there. They see the glory but they don’t know my story. Touch not my annoited.