I Give You Power With MY Authority!


With authority comes responsibility.  Responsibility to see, hear and do what I say.

Behold, I give you power with My authority to speak My Word.

For power without My authority is sorcery.

Beware of those like Simon the sorcerer who seek you out, so they will hang out with you having false motives.  The character of Simon was pride and bragging.  The power in his life was from sorcery.  He wanted the preeminence.  He wanted the glory and he wants to be amazing.  His whole motivation for wanting the power of God was so people would look to and depend on him.

Hypnosis is a state of the mind where the person is focused on words or suggestions, then mesmerized or bewitched.  Be aware of these strategies.

Those whom I connect with you will confirm what I have said to you.  I have sent counter balance to protect My servants from false alliances, false authority and false prophecy. Trust My choices says the LORD.  Trust in My timing.

For in UNION there is safety.  The days are at hand that those with wrong motives will be appraised and revealed.

Many will repent when the Authority of My power arrives.  I will give evidence that will make them speechless and My fear shall return to My church.  For the powers of hell are being shaken and being cast out of My house.

I reveal the idols of jealousy at My gates.  Once again, I over turn the tables and drive the money changers out of My house.  They seek to manipulate with money thinking they have access through their gifts to you.  Beware beloved!

Satan himself trembles at the increase of My anointing on the earth, for he cannot stop My wave.

The powers of darkness seek to mimic and compete with My anointing by showing forth signs and wonders that are only detected by My true anointing.

I have anointed you to cast out the enemy.  Ring the neck off of the serpents that have brought shame.  I have appointed you to destroy the works of the devil.

My authority comes with a price.  My power shall accomplish My witness to the whole
earth.  My witness testifies of my nature; My fruit, My character.

Know them who labor among you.  Knowing those who labor among you takes time, says the LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
Please Note: Publications and or prophecy taken from this may be used to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The articles taken must be used according to it’s entirety with credits.  Thank you kindly!

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