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I Surround You With Favor as a Shield — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Father Awesome God, Yes this a sure word of Confirmation unto me.
    Yes, you surround me with Favor as a Sheild. Thank you evermore. I love you.

  2. AWESOME ! THANK YOU Father God !!!!  Yes, Yes, my provision is Coming, It is Coming, even Now, as you have Spoken it to be so, Glory to God! Thank you Jesus !
    I knew it would. I know your Words, I hear you loudly and clearly in this hour, this is you Speaking to me. Yes I have received an Abundance of Grace, and Favor with you and with man, it is demonstrated. Thank you Father, as I continue to Rejoice in your Goodness, No More Delay! Hallelujah, Glory, Glory, Glory, What A Word Given This Day for me, It Is Confirmation, as you have Spoken it over my life, Now being manifested in an Awesome Delightful Way for me. Thnk you, Debroah Fry, for sharing, as I am So delighted to hear the Good News, Words from the Father.

  3. Yes, you are, thank you awesome Father, for your words, for they are Spirit and Life to me. I love and receive All, for I am fully surrounded in your Favor, Favor, Honor,
    and truth, clothe in purity, before you, a light which can’t be hidden, your called out chosen vessel of Honor, Honor to you, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, which I fully do delight in you. Thy Kingdom Come, on earth as it is in heaven in my life!
    Glory to God, oh how I adore and love you my Father, I long for you, every
    hour, always abiding in the fullness of you. Awesome words this day !

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