I Will Not Be Silent!

This article was first published today on Facebook by mitch salmon and is republished here with the kind permission of the author.



The burning of the Constitution of
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In this nation it is time for those who wear the moniker of, “Christian” to wake up!!  We’ve halfheartedly taken to the field of battle on great moral issues and on nearly every front we have lost.  We’ve seen prayer removed from schools and God’s word removed from our public buildings.  We’ve witnessed legalized murder of an entire generation as children who are pre-born are tossed into the garbage heap like common refuse.  We are now watching as the “LGBT” (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transsexual) movement is winning major ground including the right to be recognized under the covenant of marriage.  These are merely the highlights…

We’ve now witnessed the coining of terminology such as “radical Christian” which is used to describe those who do not compromise on the word of God or embrace so called “equality.”  It is this righteous remnant that will take the brunt of the enemy’s fury in the coming battles as many who remain undecided sit on the sidelines paralyzed by fear and doubt.  To those who think that abstaining will preserve them, know that you will not be saved.  After taking this ground the enemy will not be satisfied.

Coming soon, and in fact already on the doorsteps, are so called “hate speech” laws that will undermine the First Amendment.  Those who call themselves “progressives” will declare that it is hateful to preach the words of the Bible.  For now it will be with regards to the present battlefields such as gay rights and abortion but soon it will be considered hateful to speak about hell and unfathomable that one should profess people from this nation are headed there.  Eventually it will come to the very name of Jesus.  It will be banned in our churches as it is being banned in the public places today.  Even those who have embraced “tolerance” will eventually come to the conclusion that tolerance is intolerant of righteousness and unmerciful towards absolute truth.

These same progressively minded individuals who make such bold stands for topics as those mentioned above are quick to label my Bible as a book of hatred and intolerance.  They are quick to point the finger towards “radical Christians” as the stumbling block of those who are promoting a humanistic peaceful Utopia.  Why do those who are supposedly advocates of equality not defend the rights of Christians?  The answer is clear.  Equality and tolerance are simply buzz words used by the enemy to promote his agenda.  He is literally torn the page out of the Bible that says, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” and is using it as the operating manual for his agenda.  Even more amazingly, he is winning that battle.  These so called progressives are intolerant of righteousness in the same way that fire is intolerant to water.

The time of, “Jesus? I can take Him or leave Him!” is gone.  The days of, “Jesus?  I either love Him or hate Him” are here.  There is no middle ground.  This may seem too decisive for you, too absolute.  It doesn’t leave room to wiggle.  I don’t apologize in my position.  I am simply stating the facts that will become apparent to all very soon.  If you will not stand for Jesus today, you won’t stand for Him when the day of persecution comes.  If you will not say He is LORD now, you will deny Him on the day your life hangs in the balance.

Do not be deceived.  We have witnessed Christians who were living relatively peaceful lives throughout the world who are now under tremendous persecution.  For many years (many more than this nation has been in existence) they were allowed to remain separate.  Now their heads are literally being placed on the chopping blocks.  Yet we slumber on.  We look at our refrigerators and see that they are full.  We look in our garages and see that our SUVs are safely parked there.  We check our doors and see that they are locked.  We say, “We are secure.”

I am going to state this plainly.  If you are bold for Jesus, you are not secure.  Even if you are one of those straddling the fence you will be forced to one side or the other.  The enemy roams to and fro like a lion seeking those whom he can devour. He has his eye on you.  Will you fear he (the devil) who can harm the body but cannot kill the soul?  Or will you fear the One who can cast both body and soul into hell?  The answer should be apparent but sadly I know many still are not convinced.

I know that these words will place me on a governmental watch list.  In fact I know that I am already there for the things I have already spoken.  So be it.  I have been placed as a watchman on the wall.  The shofar has been placed in my hand.  The enemy is approaching in ferocity.  Blood lust is all that remains for him and he is ready to drink his fill from the cup of the United States of America.

With that said, let me cut to the chase.  While in the short term he may get what he is after, in the end it is Jehovah God who wins.  In fact, the best the enemy can do is try to counter move what the LORD is already accomplishing in this hour.  Now you must decide, am I just some whacked out guy ranting and raving in cyberspace or have I in fact been entrusted with a glimpse of the future of Christianity in our nation?  If the former, get a chuckle right now and move on with your day.  But if the latter, you have heard the shofar and are now responsible for beating on the doors of your neighbors.  You are now responsible for screaming at the top of your lungs, “The enemy is at the gate!”  Otherwise, you will answer for the blood on your hands on the great and terrible day of the LORD.  The word has clearly come forth.  Now you must decide.


Mitch Salmonmitch salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the good news!
This article was first published on Facebook.



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  1. Exodus 32:25-26 (NKJV)
    25 Now when Moses saw that the people were unrestrained (for Aaron had not restrained them, to their shame among their enemies), 26 then Moses stood in the entrance of the camp, and said, “Whoever is on the Lord’s side—come to me!” And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him.