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  1. Charis, my eternal siblings! Celebrate His GRACE!!!
    How hard would it be, to wait patiently, when He has promised great things in your life: dreams in childhood and words in your teens, but denying His call; decades of FEAR that each day was heaping more on your eternal condemnation; and what WAS regret that YOU were of the Laodicean Church.
    However, that GRACE which transforms, took that fear and in a moment, turned it in to COMPLETE and PURE JOY!  Waiting, patiently…

    Oh what joy, to be plucked from the pit, where you were sure you were to perish, both mortally and spiritually, and then, having your compass bearings being set true, but being set on a map that only from above, can you see what the map is of; REDEEMED of the past, and being given such a role: a revolution, with our Messiah’s LOVE and TRUTH, our battle cry!
    IMMEASURABLE GRACE can not be defined, nor contained. Come home broken hearted, lost, doubtful child; His love knows no bounds.  Of all, I am most undeserving; I knew truth, but chose what was worldy and sinful. You cannot tell ME of the limits of His Grace.  Knowingly, I chased this world and what it had so falsely offered; wasting a valuable gift; using it, for my self-serving ways.  I repeatedly ran to a what should have been my death, and far worse, but more fitting to me would be, for Him to have said, “That’s too far!”, and turning His back on me.  However, if I may be an example of His EXTREME GRACE, the Great Physician waits longingly, with stripes on His back, to heal all the damage, from the external, as well as, the self-inflicted.
    Let your eyes see who we are in Him.  Oh, how HE LOVES US: the eklektos, His bechirim, His bride, who readies herself; lamp full of oil, she waits, knowing not of the wonderous signs and deeds that lay ahead; good works, prepared in advance, for her to join Him in.  What a joy to the heart of the Giver, and for all those, when we are united, answering His prayer that we would be one, as They are One! – If I be one of His ‘hidden ones’, when He says, “Go!”, I will go, and again, I say, CHARIS!!!

    • Amen brother! Your comment is a real melody of His Love. Truly blessed by this testimony of His goodness and I can relate. His light permeates out of you.. All Glory to the King eternal.

  2. AMEN.
    I had a powerful experience after work in this hour. 2 influential ladies came to the parking area in front of the house. 1 was on the way back home and turned her car back to my work place. She was visting seniors before. The other 1 arrived unexpectedly. She is one of the leaders. They both know each other since decades and they know me by my Christian name and the leaders know me since 8 years or longer. Both asked me about my mom, my journey last week to her and if all goes well or not. I told them that mourning is not the main reason for our actual situation. I told them about the heavy demonic attacks. They did not doubt and they knew about them. Spontaneously they prayed with me. We 3 stood there, hands on our shoulders, one even prayed in tongues (!) and I know this meeting could not have been staged or planned. THE LORD now sets all things RIGHT !

  3. Who do you say I am?

    The Lion is Coming, I have called to Him, one of his Pride and He has heard my primal call and He alone will jump from the shadows bringing judgment and mercy to all of mankind to protect His own once and for all.

  4. Thank Jo Ellen,
    I recieved this very same word from Holy Spirit and from angels that have come to speak to me. Myself and many others are commenting and watching this quickening. It has begun so powerfully that I am pulling closer to the Lord and reading the word of God in greater measure. I have found in this last few months that the greater the anointing and favor that our Lord pours upon us,the greater time invested in Jesus personally becomes required.  God Bless you mightily and thank you.

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