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Identity Theft or Liberty? — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, it is obvious that the enemy has a parallell to God’s Kingdom which He is rolling out now.

    -transhumanism/cyborgs etc. wich he has “created” by not his own power (because he has no power in himself) but by advanced technology.
    Daniel describes this power that Will arise in the latter days.
    This is the enemy’s way of making an

    -Metaverse, another “world” where you can exist. (Metaverse “fake” world is by thee way what I think is already on TV and have replaced the “true” politicians and it has been there a while right before our deceived eyes).

    – he has a wireless “cloud” where everyone shall gather and connect to each other( of rather be connected to and rules by him).
    God has a real invisible cloud, where He already is gathering His People who spiritally (wireless) are connected to Him and allows He to rule them.

    – he has a chip ready to be inplanted in the human brain, so He can “talk to them” that way.

    In this time Satans (man’s) kingdom stands right in front of God’s Kingdom, in a position we can look right into it and ser precisely what is going om.


  2. The agenda of transhumanism is indeed identity theft in that Satan wants to remove the identity of being human that God has given His human creation.

    Silver foil on the face would give the appearance of a cyborg, man-robot hybrid; and the references to government and China seem apt.

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