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  1. The Five Wise
    Represents the Bride, and the Five Foolish Represents the CHurCH, the people.Many arecalled Few are Chosen. Called Chosen Faithful. Good and Faithful Servant unfaithful was cast out with the unbelievers? Luke 12:35_48.

  2. I have just now recalled something else.  Ten days ago I felt the Lord telling me to go for a walk.  I did, and sometime later there was a down pour of snow and I think this was the first of this season. I had not thought too much of this, but now think it may have some significance.  [In England, we may get a few days of snow each year, often when it is not expected, but this is far from certain.]

    • Thank you for sharing Mark. I know the Lord was truly pointing something out to you by this! Also I just remembered recently I have saw this ‘Snow vision’ on other occasions but didn’t grasp the significance of it all. It just came to me about how Jesus washes our sins as white as snow. Someone may have said that already on this thread.

  3. This a beautiful post and everyone is in agreement, that is the Power of God! I love this type of genuine fellowship with the heart filled believers, having the Love of Jesus Christ flowing in their soul, heart and mind. God is Good, I could lift up His name all day, all night, for He is truly Worthy to be Honored, Praised, Magnified and Glorified.

    I extend love to everyone on here, praying that the Lord Jesus ignites the flames of the Holy Fire, in the Holy Ghost. God bless everyone! ❤️

    • Norman, Amen and I so agree. I read the new replies this morning. Praise God, as it is truly unity of the Spirit we are feeling! It delight my heart. Thank you.

      • Glory to the Lamb Forever! For it is He (Jesus Christ) that has called us together for such a time as this! One day no more separation or pain. I am Homesick people!

  4. We must be on fire in the Holy Ghost, not cold or lukewarm. Jesus makes it plain as to how we should be prepared for His arrival, not making it complicated. Sister Joyce, I thank the Lord for allowing you to confirm what I’ve been feeling as of late. Being set a blazed in the Holy Fire of the Holy Ghost is not complicated at all, as we fully submit everything over to the Lord, he fills those areas in us, in our lives. According to our faith, I don’t believe God is on a time line as to us being consumed in His Fire, but according to our faith and trust in him to believe it is already done, when we become fully submissive to the Holy Ghost, allowing him to lead, to completely crucify the flesh, allowing the Spirit of the Lord to take full control, I don’t believe that takes years, but is in the right now as we believe with our whole heart, mind and soul.❤️

    • Norman you stated the truth. As you said we must be on fire, not cold or lukewarm!
      Part of your last sentence is the crux of the whole matter I feel…..
      “I don’t believe that takes years, but is in the right now as we believe with our whole heart, mind and soul…..” So many of us have been guilty of looking to the future, or living in the past! for We must realize we are in eternity now! His Praises live on !! God bless

  5. Praise God! Amen! I sincerely and truly believe that Jesus is Coming Soon. I had a departure dream a few weeks ago and things are ramping up quickly at such a fast speed. God is letting us know in so many ways of the soon arrival of His Son, but we have to see through spiritual eyes and discernment to see how everything aligning up with the Word of God. Even with natural eyes, it is clear to see.

    Thank you, for sharing! Yes, we do have to trim our wicks, assuring individually that are lamp is filled with oil, that we are blazing in the Holy Fire of the Holy Spirit. God bless you, extending much love, respect and blessings!❤️

    • Thank you for sharing the dream and comments, Norman. Yes, the ramping up (acceleration) is sure apparent!

      Let us be found walking the walk, and talking the talk. Not with the dead letter of the law but in newness of life!

      The Holy Spirit will never guide us wrong! Thinking of the song
      “Come alive in the Name of Jesus… God bless

      • Hi Sister Joyce,

        I totally agree. Yes, my heart desires, aches for the Lord. I do not claim to be perfect, but I am definitely from the rare and small group of Jesus chasers, desiring to be consumed in the holy fire, in the Holy Ghost. I’ve been walking the narrow path for a while, having to let go so much, because I don’t believe in compromising with the world, so many friends have moved on, attacks from the enemy, our adversary, because of love for Jesus Christ, the list goes on.

        But God is faithful and compassionately loving to me, in the midst of it all. I give Him all the Honor, Glory and Praise! God bless you, Sister Joyce! You are a true gem in Jesus Christ and you respond to those who comment on your post, that sincerely means so much to me. Sometimes a response will go such a long way with someone who is hurting or in pain emotionally or physically. May the Lord continue to use you for His awesome Glory, for the Kingdom of God!❤️

        • So glad to answer this if I didn’t already. Yes, lets be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire! Norman, when I read all the replies on here it blesses me so much!

          Thank you for your kind words. I just thank God for letting me set in the seat of suffering so much as have. t lets you feel others hurts and pains!

          Way I look at it, we can let it make us stronger or bitter. I choose to say let the weak say they are strong. I feel the least of the least on here, yet strong in our God!

  6. Until recently I had never really understood the parable of the virgins, thinking that the oil signified the anointing of the Holy Spirit for revelation, something we could always ask and receive from the Lord, so something we would never lack.  I later realised that the oil signifies something that cannot be obtained immediately, something which needs to be cultivated over time, like a depth of root in the parable of the sower.

    I have just seen something I have never noticed in this parable: that the foolish virgins were dependent on the wise virgins for their oil – for their revelation.  Although we CAN always ask the Lord for more revelation, as I had rightly thought, the fact is that the foolish virgins DON’T.  Thus is because they have not developed a personal relationship of hearing from Him, but instead have made themselves dependent on others, namely, pastors and prophets – the wise virgins, for receiving any revelation. This dependence on others will not be enough for Christians to be able to survive spiritually in the very dark days of deception leading up to the Lord’s return.

    • Very wise my friend and much meat to chew on here, Mark. It’s like God is helping us go deeper in Him to see deeper revelations.
      As always, thank you for sharing. We must know Him (Jesus Christ) and not just about Him. Then our oil lamps will be lit with our wicks trimmed. Thank you my brother.

  7. Snow coming down signifies the return of the Lord.  First, a word check shows that the word “snow” appears thrice in the NT, and each time it relates to the Lord, as in Matthew 28:3
    “His countenance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow”,
    which is paralleled in Mark 9:3, and the word appears again but in the different context of Revelation 1:14,
    “His head and hair were white like wool, as white as snow, .. ”

    The “coming down” of the snow means the return of the Lord Jesus from heaven to earth.

    • Amen and amen, I believe.

      Mark, this really added to the Vision about ‘Snow’ and what you found in the Bible.

      I really appreciate you and all digging and sharing together on this thread! God bless you

      • Thank you, Joyce.  I realised afterwards that “snow” each time it appears in the NT does not just refer to the Lord but to the Lord in His glorified state – on the Mount of Transfiguration and in Heaven.

        • HALLELUJAH!!! LOVE this conversation!!!

          Adding to it that GOD has always shown me that “SNOW falling and covering” is as HIS GLORY FALLING AND COVERING THE EARTH!!!” 

          Which I believe is about to happen anytime!

          Maybe it’ll be our “early Christmas SURPRISE” He keeps hinting to me about! HA!

          My large deck windows have the “clingy” snowflakes all over them to remind me of HIS GLORY all year around!!!  I can hardly wait!!! Soooo EXCITED!!! 

          There is so much change coming to the earth.

          May the UNITY we all have in HIS SPIRIT EXPONENTIALLY EXPLODE to cover the earth as HIS GLORY FALLS and may it spread with such force, it knocks people into a GREATER AWARENESS AND YEARNING FOR JESUS, as their LORD and SAVIOR. FATHER, YOUR WILL BE DONE, YOUR KINGDOM COME, on earth, as it already is, in HEAVEN, in JESUS NAME, LET IT BE SO, AMEN

          BLESSINGS to ALL OF YOU!!! Bev

          • Beverly, Wow and all you spoke! Glory, glory, glory!

            Amen and amen! I love all you wrote here. You are so precious to me, and I never met you here on earth! Still we can feel when we are kindred spirits.

            Thank you and big hugs and prayers, Joyce

          • Bev, When my mind was not on these postings, out of the blue (pun not intended) l felt the Lord saying to me “My glory is coming!”  I too get a sense that this could be very soon.  If it is not in this month, a time that I have also sensed, my sense is also that cannot be too far off. 

            I have just now recalled something else.  Ten days ago I felt the Lord telling me to go for a walk.  I did, and sometime later there was a down pour of snow and I think this was the first of this season. I had not thought too much of this, but now think it may have some significance.  [In England, we may get a few days of snow each year, often when it is not expected, but this is far from certain.]

          • “For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea.” [Habakkuk 2:14]

            Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer has just given a word speaking of the falling of the glory of the Lord.

            • God Bless you Mark Robert’s!  Thank you so much for your kindness!!!

              Just speaking what I believe is on GOD’S HEART & on my heart as well.  It is what it is. I really believe HIS GLORY is coming soon & with it, so MUCH MORE!!!

              Whiteness of the snow is a sign of purity, which after HIS GLORY FALLS, we will all be much freer from any sin than we are now! HIS GLORY WILL PURIFY.  God is so AWESOME and so GOOD to us!!!

              BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU! Bev

      • Please forgive me Mark as I often post the wrong replies in the wrong place. Oh boy,lol but I sincerely appreciate yours and everyone’s comments.

        It is truly the Body of Christ coming together! Your digging from the Bible helped add a lot to the vision of the snow. Thank you. Blessings

  8. Earlier comment:
    ahhh…I can feel and sense so much in the midst of this deep union-cord of agreement…
    May there be many such “three-fold -unions” in this Hour, with Jesus in the midst…For in the unity of the brethren, the priestly anointing comes forth..It’s where Father commands the blessing! LIFE FOREVER MORE!!!

    I can feel the air currents taking us higher…towards the purity and power of His Light….

    I can see in a Q.V. (quick vision) a close up of Joyce as if she’s looking out from the UK shores towards the Southwest…on a large dock with “indigo cords tied to a tall pole, as if “welcoming”….(indigo would indicate revelation knowledge- nu?)…, a strong wind causing great swells in the seas…She’s bundled up in a big warm coat,collar up, hair whipping in the wind, smiling, her eyes deep and bright with anticipation…

    Psalms 133 Amp…A Song ofAscents…of David.
    BEHOLD, HOW good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
    It is like the precious ointment poured on the head, that ran down on the beard, even the beard of Aaron [the first high priest], that came down upon the collar and skirts of his garments [consecrating the whole body].
    It is like the dew of [lofty] Mount Hermon and the dew that comes on the hills of Zion; for there the Lord has commanded the blessing, even life forevermore [upon the high and the lowly].
    (see also Ps 134/135)*

    Deep heart Blessings

    • Shelley thank you very much for all you shared.

      Re the vision: In the Spirit, I know we can be where God puts us. I remember an e.g. one time of a man of God unable to travel and be at a certain place to pray over someone in a hospital…

      Still in a dream that man that needed prayer saw this Christian bro come to him and pray over him. The man was instantly set free and healed.

      Time and distance is nothing to the Lord.

      One thing the Lord has spoke to me before, is we can visit the places and even countries we pray for, on our ‘spiritual knees.’

      Even if we can’t go at times, we can sow, pray and hold others hands up! We are there already in the spiritual realm. Let’s abide faithful till the very end. Hugs and prayers

      “and hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” Eph. 2:6

  9. Your word bears witness within me…can feel the restlessness of anticipation….even as I feel a rising up in strength…and a call to fresh alertness…”All hands on deck”…

    …watching and waiting..but ABOUT THE MASTER’S BUSINESS!
    Joining together in spirit-heart unity to BRING FORTH THE WORD/WORK of THE LORD!

    (and an aside, we received a huge snowfall in the night here in W Canada!)
    re:Simeon/ Anna and Simeon in the temple…waiting for the appearing of the Lord

    Also…will try to tuck in a comment below that I sent you a day or so earlier…

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