If Any Man Be Ignorant


If there ever was a comment that leaped up to grab my attention, this is likely one of them.

It would be so easy to lay all this to uninformed people in the world who have no knowledge of God’s ways.

We might set a bit of focus here by remembering that this writer, dealt with all kinds of folk, in the church.

Holy men of God wrote and told us about such things as false brethren, false apostles and false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing and those who would creep in unaware.

They had to speak to those who had the Holy Ghost about doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

The definition of this term suggests a lack of education, or knowledge or actions arising and showing from such lack.

It may also mean, knowing little or nothing.  Early on, many of us and our elders did things through a lack of understanding or simply not knowing better.

But sincere, earnest and hungry hearts grow; especially if they seek to follow the Spirit and learn what He desires to teach them.

That was and yet is the plan for Christ’s church.  But the apostle also spoke strongly of those who were still on milk; sadly unable to teach anyone.

Isaiah, wrote that his watchmen are blind: they are ignorant.

I feel that negative force from some supposed saints, that wish to stop here and declare that the words of this prophet do not apply to us today.

Then let us allow them to declare what they wish.  Denying the prophetic words of those whom most of the Book is filled with, could result in a limited knowledge of how God works and hinder the deeper revelations of the Spirit.

It’s been a bypass by those who choose to use scriptures from the Old Testament to promote their own teachings to others but dismiss the ones they don’t want applied to themselves.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians about not being wise in their own conceits.  In this context, the apostle was writing to the church about how things were to operate.

In more than one place, he instructed precisely on all of the different ministries God put in the church and all of the gifts with which the Spirit chose to manifest himself.

He was writing to many people who might have been new in some things but yet had the Holy Ghost in them; this was the church that came behind in no gift.

But in all of their spiritual growth, they were yet a bit off the mark.

There is no acceptable reason to be unlearned, unaware or uninformed of the ways of the Spirit today.

There can be no excuse for not hearing what He is saying to the church; and none for not hearing what He seeks to say to us in our own individual walks with Him.

With the discernment that was given to God’s people through his Holy Spirit, none of us were meant to be in the dark about anything concerning God’s house or His ministry; in our lives or the lives of others.

It was taught that full-grown, mature saints could decide in the Spirit.

It feels sad to say that there are many who are not going to even listen to this message, much less take it to heart or give any kind of heed.

No matter who are where it comes from. It seems, that their hearts are already set in continuing their own kind of programs and building their own small kingdoms.

In the fear of the LORD, it must be said, that to attempt to hinder the move of the Spirit or oppress Him, is ignorant.

To even try to put on some kind of grand show and have others believe it is of the Holy Ghost, when it is not, is truly foolish.  It suggests someone has forgotten the way, or never knew it.

I’m being oppressed, even as I say this.  We will have to let them be.  If they want to continue in their way, let them do so.

They don’t want to be informed about how crucial things and spiritual/ biblical order has been taken out of their places of worship.

There actions say they do not wish to have an ear to what the Spirit is saying.  Those called and chosen for this hour to speak the message the Spirit moves them to give, must arise and do so with humility and with the power given them to do it.

LORD teach us, reveal to us, your every Word.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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