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Ignoring the Sounds and Signs of God! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for being our mediator of the New Covenant
    We cannot love God and hate Israel and those who have given their lives to Jesus, those grafted in. No one can mock the Holy Spirit and His gifts at any time. Correction is love. A season will come that many will target their hatred against Israel. Make sure you will be on the right team because, in the end, the Lord God of Israel will save Israel and those who fear Him.
    Some time ago, the Lord said, “stav”, this time the word was given in Danish and means “staff”. So I studied the meaning of it in the Word of God. In the process, as I sat down outside, I found a kind of a twig, right there before me on the balcony, centimeters from my feet. It was critical I kept attention of our Shepherds’ staff in the season, so it is for all. God bless you. Lucia Ludvigsen

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