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Indeed, You Are Living in the Last of Days — 9 Comments

  1. The amount of deception in the air is thick . Jesus SAID “ MY sheep know my voice “ Jesus also said “ DEPART from me I never knew you “ Saints use your discerning of spirits in these last days .  Read what the Prophet said then pray about it . Refrain from character assassinations . We can discuss maturely . Shalom

  2. The man of lawlessness will not be revealed until the Holy Spirit is taken from the earth. Furthermore , he is of the people who destroyed Jerusalem (Romans). I am sorry, but it is not Obama . G-D has shown me it is not him



      (I couldn’t post the entire word because of its length.)

      The one doomed for perdition will have set-up his throne. (Not after believers have left the earth.)
      He will have deceived many.
      Many will have fallen to his persuasive speech.
      Woe to those religious leaders that say that this day will not come.
      Woe to those apostles and prophets and others, that say that only bright days are ahead.
      For you will have left the people unprepared.

      Truly, I will take care of my own. Truly, I AM a God that cares for the wayward and the lost. But truly also, I want my own to be prepared. ”

      Stephen Hanson

  3. There are a lot of things happening in the world right now. 2 Timothy is being fulfilled. I’m trying to stay focused, be prayed up and be prepared for what’s coming as much as possible. May your wife have a speedy recovery. God bless and thanks for sharing.

    • What’s interesting is this always focused on the US, whereas Canada, Europe, etc currently have tyrants as leaders and we are seeing outright EVIL from our government and it has been going since Bush Jr and the only concern is about someone who didn’t push wars. Every time these is a post about this, I pray about it, however it doesn’t seem right with the Holy Spirit.

      • Charles: My focus has been on what the Lord has given to me concerning the US. Now, just because I haven’t right now said anything about Canada or other countries, doesn’t make it any less important. Each prophet, teacher, apostle, or whoever, has their own geographical area to speak. Consider that in your thoughts.

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