Invisible Vessels of Oil are coming forth

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A Birthing into Pureness

Somewhere along 3:30 this morning, pain hit my lower stomach.  A contraction that reminded me of childbirth and labor pain.  I knew it was spiritual and God was doing something and I heard the voice of The Lord speak and say, all the agitation, all the irritation, the uncomfortable feeling of anticipation, is because you knew I was about to bring you into this new dimension of glory that is now about to happen.

This new move of God that now shall erupt in your life shall be different than other encounters and visitations of His presence.  This one is the one that shall complete a work of purification and sanctification for the work I have called you to do in this season.

This one shall cause you to isolate more away from people, to consecrate at a greater dimension of holiness to pull you into a greater depth of righteousness this one strips the remaining display of any fleshly and carnal attributes that takes away the glory that I desire to rest upon your life.

This is a birthing into pureness into a place of obedience that will cause you to be submissive to whatever I bring into your life.

This has been a morning of God inducing people into labor, and the pain will become so unbearable spiritually, until you will feel like you can’t take any more.  You will experience intense groanings of intercession, that will have you weeping crying wailing moaning.

He is completing the purification the purging the deep cleansing of your soul your mind your spirit.  He is digging deep within to eliminate all that will cause you spiritual trouble.

The uprooting the plucking out will be painful but necessary for you to be able to go forth in this new power and authority this fresh anointing that He is pouring out upon your life.  Your prayer life today will be different than you have ever experience I know that it has been a process this morning.

The cleansing of the mind and heart is so overwhelming, because God is making us face all the issues that have been buried overlook and swept under the rug.  Because of the magnitude of sin and iniquity that we will encounter and cry against we have to be well equipped.  Because of the demonic forces we must warfare against and the religious forces we have to cry against we can’t have any open doors of sin or hidden things in our hearts so that we can be victorious in our battles against evil.

Now the loud cry, “Spare not,”  will become stronger, bolder in the vessels God has prepared for the last days.

This day I’m also covering in prayer the ones whom God has connected to me through my covering of them or mentoring of them, because I know, if I am elevating, if I am shifting, then they will have to shift also, to understand the new revelations, new mandates, new visions that has been birthed and brought forth.

Leaders, today, cover those whom God has entrusted into your hands.  Those whom He has entrusted to me, I’m warring for their breakthroughs, for their promotions, for their ministries, for their purposes.

I’m warring for their strength, their peace, for their spiritual life to increase.  Yes, God has done a work this morning and today will be a continual day of intense intercession.

Let Him complete the process.  I see behavior totally changed attitudes totally different mindsets renewed.  God is moving today and many will see themselves and deal with their own issues today.

This is a time of God just showing and revealing the things He is fixing in you.  So right now you will experience emotional mentally spiritual pain, but it’s necessary so you can be prepared spiritually to handle the new season new mandate that you are commanded in this season to walk in!

So if you just start weeping you just start crying you go into intercession contractions just know God is completing the work in you!

Immature Leaders Management 101

Being a trash can or a garbage collector is not part of my spiritual makeup.  So if I’m rude and cut you off it’s because you open the door for the rebuke by trying to pull me in your assassination scheme against somebody name or reputation.

I have never seen so many in leadership who are nothing but tale bearers.  Repeating rumors gossip and such.  People calling, with the pretense of wanting something spiritual, only to try to obtain information about somebody or to release some poison about someone.

Some of you in leadership need to take a course in unity respect and integrity.  You carry a spirit of division discord and damage and need deliverance healing and spiritual counseling.

For a mature leader to be messy, insecure and jealous, is unbecoming, unattractive and ugly.  It’s time to grow up get off the pacifiers, take off the diapers and stop acting like a baby displaying milk attributes.

How can you lead others with spiritual issues that are destructive in nature and then you imparting those spirits into all your spiritual children and they running around acting just like you.  It’s distasteful when you see suppose to be grown spiritual leaders throwing temper tantrums because God is using someone else or elevating someone or God forbid someone connected to them be friends with anybody that they think is a threat to their popularity.

Our egos have gotten us into dimensions of pride that are destroying us.  We want to say people are fighting us, but we are our own warfare.  When people find out you’re a tale bearer, gossiper, and a character destroyer, they just stop dealing with you.  They not jealousy, they not hating, they just refuse to entertain someone who spreads poison and discord among the Body of Christ.

If all you have to do all day is trying to talk about someone or try to find something on somebody, then you have entirely too much time on your hands.

We need to stop letting people bring us information that is unfruitful and causing unity to be destroyed.  I guarantee, if we start shutting them down, rebuking them, and going straight into prayer, warring against the spirits using them, we will see more love released and displayed, more unity developed, and more doors of division chaos and confusion shut!

Start calling these spirits out and letting them know that you are not going to be a partaker with their mess and foolishness!  When we know better, we should do better.  If we don’t, it’s because there’s something in us that connects to the mess in them!

The Altar is open – Deliverance is waiting if you want it!

New Invisible Vessels of Oil are coming forth

God has been dealing with me really heavily about being a vat, (Vat: a large tank used to hold liquid).

He said I’m making some a container to hold the oil I’m pouring out in this season.  The supernatural power of God’s anointing is being imparted into prepared vessels who have been through suffering, tests, trials, been broken and humbled.

The manifestation of this power will be shown in the miracles that will be performed through these vessels.  The thing I loved as God dealt with me, was when He said these vessels will be invisible, as they allow The Lord to be seen and not them.

Everything that happens, they will make sure that the people know it’s God, so that the people won’t attached to them, but will honor their God that is using them.

There will be no greed or financial motivation involved.  They won’t merchandise the anointing and sell miracles to the people.  They will be vessels who want to glorify God and draw the people to The Lord.  They want sinners to see the power of God operating and show them that God is real.

These persons will be full of the glory of God going about showing love displaying power and winning souls to the Kingdom of God.

The oil in them will be used exclusively for the up building of God’s kingdom.  They don’t want any recognition for the miracles that God will perform through them, they just want the people to see God in all they do.

They don’t want people making them idols, they want them to worship the God they serve.

It’s not their name they want to be great, but it’s God name they want to hear the people proclaiming is great wonderful and awesome.

These vessels recognize that they are here only to do the will of God and that their life belongs to Him.  They are dedicated to serving and being obedient to God and they heart’s desire is to please Him.  They are hidden in Christ and stand firmly on His word.

I’m thanking God for these vessels who are coming forth in this hour, who have been chosen and tried that have been molded and shaped into the image that God wants them to be for such a time as this.

Vessels of Oil are coming forth to show the church and the world that Jesus is Lord and God has all power as miracles are performed by the Holy Ghost!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


Invisible Vessels of Oil are coming forth — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have spent the morning in tears, and then fighting the battle you talk of in your second message.  You are such a blessing!

  2. As long as I can remember, my desire has been to be a vessel used by God.  But my life has not be a reflection of a holy, santified person.  Though for the past 4 years, there has been a pulling on my heart. Do you think it’s possible that God would still use me?

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