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Ireland! Arise From The Dead! — 5 Comments

  1. YES! Amein, Calling forth from darkness into the marvelous light.  Arise and shine

    Praise Him!  Awake you sleeper, Arise from the dead! Eph 5:14.

    The LORD is calling you now!!!1

  2. This word for Ireland so reminds me of when the Lord called me to sackcloth and ashes 8 and a half years back, to intercede for the USA. Humility is imperative and the process uncomfortable, but the Reward…..He is Pure Beautiful!!
    God bless your Country of Ireland Veronika. I know you’ll make it through….not by the might of your beautiful Nation, but by the Power of His Holy Spirit!! And since failure doesn’t exist within Him we can rejoice in the complete perfection of the work of His Hands in your land, as well as the USA.
    Thank You Abba Father!!
    God bless you beautiful lady. :)

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