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  1. I’m frequently reminded of the 1st time I was aware of THE FATHER’S voice when HE said, “Everything’s O.K. ” There is nothing like hearing directly from HIS heart…..deep calling unto deep !  Thank you for that reminder :-)

  2. Thank you Dana. The words, “Everything is going to be okay,” were brought to me through my husband’s mother in a dream many years ago. I’d never met her before, she died when he was 9 year’s old. But she came to me to ask me to tell him a message from her heart to his and then she said, “Jesus gave me a message for you, He said to tell you everything is going to be okay.” Her and the other souls which were there with their loved ones rose up and exited the large tabernacle, and as soon as the door shut my husband’s alarm went off. My pillow could have produced an entire cup of water from the tears I must have shed in my sleep, it was soaked.
    Dana, I’m so grateful that God has brought you all, here on HKP, into my life. I’m most definitely surrounded. Mostly youth I think, but also some older…and even a few younger. My table has been set since Christmas, and Psalms 23 didn’t even enter my mind until after. He’s pouring out and pouring out more into, and through, His Faithful called and chosen elect in this Hour. We’ve suffered much, and it’s worth it…..He’s worth it!! :)
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

  3. countless comforts<3<3<3
    Thank you ABBA FATHER !
    Thank you JESUS SON OF GOD !
    Thank you HOLY SPIRIT !

    ‪Psalm‬145:2 NIV
    Every day I will praise you
    and extol your name for ever and ever.

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