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It Strengthens Us to See Prayers Answered! — 3 Comments

  1. Dear sister Priscilla, your words touched me, to your story I can relate to, and to you is my – by now – last internet-interdepended message today, on that beautiful morning March 27, 2020. I am sure you have found in he WORD OF GOD in Proverbs, that 4 things a land cannot stand and does not like. One of the 4 points is: when a rejected woman comes to honour. Another point is: when a worker gets an upgrade very close to leadership. GOD says, we must take care, for the devil runs around and seeks to destroy, steal, kill. This is GOD’S WORD. My family, and uttermost I, have gone through far too much loss, pain, rejection, persecution, everything what is written in the SERMON ON THE MOUNT. I am 57 now and most of the years I was FEAR-LESS, bold and couraged for the LORD and for truth. Sister, we are standing now in His Glory, it’s harvest time. Job was very righteous and was attacked near to death. You, my dear sister, and I, and many others too. In California you are near to midnight, here already is a new day. I am greeting you and want to bless you with Psalm 19. Shalom & Maranatha !

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