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  1. Yes, thank you. You have brought back a very long standing vision.

    I heard the Spirit speaking about … unless your righteous exceeds that of … and I was shown a river that had angular banks.

    At the time I was travelling on a train, through open countryside.  All of a sudden I saw the river rise and then flood increasingly extensively to the right and too the left … and it was as if the train was now on the rails but crossing, cutting through a rapidly extending open lake.

    The river with angular banks represented the Law that the Sadducees and Pharisees lived by … but the Law was neatly confined to within the angular sides of the river bank.

    The outpouring through within these river banks, flooded the land with righteousness … and I hear everywhere the river went there was life … for in this outpouring in this flood, in this tide could not , would not, will not be contained by what once was.

    Hence it now required a new and different type of vessel to move and inhabit in this.  Ones that were not constrained by roads, or river courses, nor anymore constrained within the heart of the believer … for the river had burst it banks…

    Isaiah 33:21 21 “But there mighty [is] Jehovah for us, a place of rivers — streams broad of sides, No ship with oars doth go into it, and a mighty ship doth not pass over it.”

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