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  1. Father, what i need to do to have more of you? I want, oh i want so much… but sometimes i feel that i can’t reach any further, when i still longing to do.

    I want to know you better, to listen you better, louder, and to recognize the voice of my pastor, my king, my creator, redeemer, and my father; even to know you by your smell, like a newborn do.
    I want to feel you, your warm, your touch, your care, and rest securely on your arms. It’s not because “i want”, like a fancy desire of a prideful heart, but because i need that; i have a need of you. I’m nothing without you, and i know that i’m here, alive, only because of you, to be like you, your image (your son). I know that what i know (even without fully understand), what i do (even without fully comprehend), all because that interior chasing (of you), the very intimacy flame (of you on me): that is the sign of your property on my heart; the bell that rings on the sheep’s chest.

    I’m on a race, and on a chase, because of you, this love for you. I need to know! And i will not rest, or look back, or regret; i will push forward, and forward, even tired i will push forward, with all my forces, all because that: because i need to see you, my promise land; and i will not miss that!

    Open the door, father, come in! Come IN!
    To my redeemer, you son, was given the keys of life and death. You have keys of my life, so open the doors of my life; you earned that. And close the doors of the death, because not be fully of you is certainly that.
    I want to talk with you. To listen more, and more… and ever more; because more i know of you, more i want you, more i need you; to be filled of you.

    The very treasure of wisdom is your company, and it is my quest! I want to share my joy, happiness, not only the sorrows, sadness. Father, help me on that.
    Fill me, fill me!

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