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  1. You “betta” open up the revelatory Word to us woman of God! so, the whole Armor” in essence, is the assurance we are in Christ, because He is the Armor. It’s not what we are “doing” but what we “think” about what has already be “Done”, as we love, serve, and follow His will. Glory to God! Phil. 2:5

  2. What a coincidence! Hallelujah. Glory to God. Last night’s spiritual warfare caused by witchcrafts along with a physical attack was so severe that I couldn’t sleep and almost gave up. But when I prayed for help in spirit, I felt I was covered with fire dorm from God. It was already there without my notice. It was so powerful and hot that I was able to go through them overnight. I believe every pain has its purpose and end. God wants me to have more patience and love toward people against me, which are my weak points. Really thanks, Deborah♡

  3. A huge confirmation caught my attention already in the first sentence: Yesterday, Sunday September 24, I stood on a hill and watched red kites calling and circling. I attended a farmer’s breakfast outside of a farm, on a local Autumn feast, and after that I went a little higher to look for those birds, because I heard them. One came closer to me and surrounded me at least 5 times in majestic rounds. I spontaneously took this on camera. The Holy Spirit immediately reminded me at Isaiah 31:5. Another word for them is “royal consecration”….

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