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Joy and Mourning (Updated) — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Yvonne for posting this picture. Can you please tell me what the 2 figures near the top of the water spout represent? If you turn the picture 90 degrees, it almost looks like 2 birds.

  2. “There is a New and Greater Wave of My Glory coming”!_ April 2009, Early one Sunday morning I awoke To The Voice, The Spirit of God declaring this to me.
    And I awakened and sat up in The Glorious Presence of God under an open heaven!
    A heavy anointing accompanied that declaration.
    Yes sister! I perceive we are presently entering in to that hour of it’s (That Word’s) fulfillment!
    Pray, press into and declare it with me in Thanksgiving,for this is the hour of demonstration and deliverance_ Open Heavens upon the earth!
    Thy Kingdom Come! A Greater Glory!

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