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A Transfigured Ministry and Call — 3 Comments

  1. Yes Hallelujah! We are entering into that very hour of His, God’s Kingdom Coming, His Glory poured out upon the earth!
    His Glory shall be poured out in and upon Believer’s, The Body of Christ, Zion without measure as many (who have yielded themselves up in the crucible of preparation) are brought into “That glorious liberty” of the son’s and daughter’s of God The Father.
    Yes! The Manifestation of the Son’s of God! Romans 8
    That “Rain of Fire” (Susan Cumming’s Vision, Jan 2009) bringing about a great “transfiguration” glory to those prepared and fore ordained is at hand.
    A “New and Greater wave of God’s Glory” is being poured out upon the earth in this coming season.
    Keep “Looking Upwards, for your Redemption draws Nigh”! -Luke 21
    “Open Heavens, Open Heavens Above Us”!! our Declaration!
    “Death shall be swallowed up in Victory”!
    Eagle Saints Arise! (Bro. Bill Britton)
    “Arise, Shine for your light has Come,_
    (Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty God hath shined.-Psalms 50)
    And The Glory of The Lord has Risen upon Thee.” – Isaiah 60
    _ War Eagle.

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