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Lamps Full, Wicks Trimmed! — 5 Comments

  1. Amen! God is speaking louder each day, for our need to be close to Him and be prepared for what’s coming and His return! Our gift of wisdom and discernment is more important each hour! No time to waste anymore! All for God. Seeking Him, praying being wise. Walking in the spirit and nor the flesh. Worship, being thankful, fellowship. Sharing the truth. Putting on the full armour! Loving people in the truth! God help all of us who call on your name, to love you with all our hearts and be obedient to your precious spirit. Thank you for this timely word. Amen

  2. Praise God! Amen! God bless you, Minister Chris Bennett! I receive and embrace this Word and message from Going d our heavenly Father, in the Lord Jesus Christ, in/through the Holy Spirit! Yes – I certainly do feel something happening within the spiritual and earthly realm, something happening within my very being. I agree, that we shall continue to tell the whole world that Jesus Christ is Coming, that He is Coming, Coming for a Bride – without spot, blemish or wrinkle. I do see much taking place within the earth, as the days grow darker, things are becoming more wicked and those who are running/abiding in Jesus Christ, are pressing into the Holy Spirit, more so now, than before.

    More of God’s servants are becoming bolder in their walk in Jesus Christ. I desire to be ready, prepared in spirit, heart and mind, when Jesus Christ arrives and snatches away His Bride, whenever that time or season is.

    I no longer debate when He is coming,because those who have the Holy Spirit living within them – they know their inner alarm system is going off more and more, it’s not on snooze, but the alert is prompting each true believer to stay wide awake, with their eyes on Jesus Christ.

    God bless and love you beloved Brother in Jesus Christ! Extending the sincere Love of God The Father in Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, to ally beloved sisters and brothers in Christ, throughout the world. I bid you peace and blessings! Maranatha!♥️️

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