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  1. This prosperity gospel, is very cunning; a great deal of people fall for messages from men and women, that are very crafty; quite artful.  The old artful one, tempted even our Lord; remember everything he offered Jesus.  We must remain alert and must be watchful, at all times; there are even those, who lie in wait, to deceive. Brilliant sadly many people are enthralled by signs and wonders never discerning the source. It is quite possible many believe just because their in church it’s always God.
    Sadly many do not realize just how supernatural that things are going to be even in conflict of Gods people and satan’s example 2 Timothy 3 mentions the conflict that took place and the extent of that conflict signs and wonders back and forth until satan’s servants admit defeat or even God prompts a decree such as the one that affected this man in acts Elymas the sorcerer. So many churches and saints are so unprepared ………….

  2. Good words, Brother!  I presume you mean that laying hands on each other means only those we KNOW are with us in the Lord.  What prompted me to say that is the verse which says not to lay hands suddenly on any man.  In my understanding of that, it means to know who you are dealing with, lest we try to bless something of the devil.
    Yes—2015 may be THE year!!

    • I suppose it could be applied to that. I have had to study that verse you mentioned out. It resulted in perhaps the Lord teaching me in both the old and new testaments. If we get into the original language. It very easily and still accurately could read like this.

      μηδενὶ ἐπιτίθει μηδὲ κοινώνει ἁμαρτίαις
      nor is -mēde

      hastily and thereby share
      be partaker is translated as koinoneo means to become a sharer in or be made a partner.

      So it could read this way. Do not lay hands on anyone in haste and thereby share or be made partner in the sins of others keep yourself pure.

      . Listed as the milk of the Word one of six foundational doctrines involving many scriptural aspects first and foremost being led of the Spirit and not the flesh… Man did I get light on the application of how certain scriptures applied. To this day I almost cringe if I hear lay hands on your neighbor. Everyone pray or just come up for prayer. As now not only many scriptures pop up but the need to be Spirit led is imperative ( in my opinion) However I understand God allows for growth and is full of grace. If I understand correctly He will not be mocked and their are a whole lot of professing ministers in for a very unpleasant correction from the Lord. If He even chooses to give one that is.

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