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Leader vs Follower — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this great message.  It definitely spoke to me and rings true in my spirit.  My family has many issues needing total healing, such as addictions of tobacco and alcohol and overeating.  As well as afflictions affecting the spine, past injuries of lower back/hip and crooked spine from birth. Also history of asthma and skin afflictions passed down from parents/grandparents.  Asking for healing and realignment and complete restoration. Please agree with me for these as desires.  As we become leaders and place our bodies under subjection since Jesus died for our healing, it’s time for manifestation of our healing.  Thank you again for opening my eyes to the correct structure of our lives, spirit, soul, and lastly the body or our flesh.  JL

  2. Great word! The wise virgins prepare in this way! Walking according to the spirit and dying to the flesh. Praise God He is faithful!

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