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Leave the Old Baggage Behind — 5 Comments

  1. These words are what I needed to hear this morning.  God has been telling us for some time that we are coming out of the wilderness (it has been a very LONG, painful time).  Last night my husband and I both experienced terrible attacks from the enemy.  This tells me that he is fighting hard to keep us from reaching our Promised Land!  Thanks!

  2. Sister please pray for my career. I am not even ashamed to ask prayer to you my beloved because your words are delivering and helpful to me. I am in tears and weeping right now because things are not going well at all. I am married South African woman, my husband is the one who is permanent and providing for my family. I graduated when I was 22 years but still I am earning peanuts though I am qualified, if its a curse I rebuke and bind it in the name of Jesus. I know the Lord will make a way for me. Thanking you for your prayers.

    • Let God arise in your situation. All that you do, do as unto the Lord. Walk around your home declaring …Rise up, oh Lord and let Your enemies be scattered. Begin to speak to that which is hindering you for the Lord is arising and what is against you must flee at His presence. HE is Lord. HE is rising up in His people. No weapon of the enemy can prosper in His presence. HE will turn your situation, but let Him have His way do not try to figure out how He will do it. Thank Him before you see the turn because it is coming in Jesus’ name.

      Be sure to leave the old baggage behind.  All is well

  3. Thank you for these precious words. I am so blessed and encouraged this afternoon. Glory to Jesus!

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