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Let Your Mind Be at Ease — 10 Comments

  1. I had a very disturbing situation on Sunday 19th November. I was not able to sleep, and woke up at 1 am and started praying. In the morning I found this word at HKP. It was a confirmation of my prayers earlier that morning. The moment I set my eyes on God and not on my problems the peace of God flooded my heart and went through the day with joy. God bless you sister June…

  2. Holyness and Praise to Jesus.
    This is what you tell a child on an airplane but not an adult who is needing 20 k to get to a place of real satisfaction in life. Thank you Sincerely

  3. Hi, Thank you for your constant encouraging words!  I’ve noticed for a long while that most words you post appear to be from 2017.  Is that correct?  I realize there are no time constraints on the word if the Lord…

  4. That could lead to a large hurt or let down that feels worse than a punch to stomach. I ask God to help and he sends little tiny chances for money and sometimes surprises me to real blessing but not enough to call it trustable or faithful or even praise worthy. It’s a gamble. I start a new job today and it could fall through and not work in 2 weeks and I have to find another or it could be marvelous pay and help me earn enough to finally get ahead financially and support a future. Who knows. Up to my behavior and random chance. I could have a surprise bill or whatever. He’s allowing things and I wish its only good and would with all my heart. I would like to trust God more with everything but need more true breakthrough to go back to that level. Maybe He will come though.

  5. Amen! Old word but maybe. All things are done by getting up and going to work without complaint. I rely on God, but am not tolerating my own lazy side, nor do I expect God to just make me a trust funder wealthy by lotto or whatever. I create my own reality by going in the directions of my own desires that motivate me besides bills and hunger for food. Wasted money online shopping or on nice things and have plenty of extra everything. Life has plenty of expenses.

    Trying harder and relying on my own mind, being positive, expect God to do the aligning, but don’t count or trust on God. He will leave you to go hungry or broke to count change, if you don’t get up and find ways to pay bills and afford decent food, let alone a future wife or dentist or home not motel. My success will have to do with better choices self discipline and control and budgeting. If I find good work opportunity of what’s around me and only make better choices. Not trusting God.

  6. This prophetic message is very inspiring and courageous to me. It has lifted up my soul asi was about to drown due to circumstances around my life and my family. May God continue to use you more and more.

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