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Let’s Be Careful Little Ones — 5 Comments

    • Arlene, I made this article short on purpose.
      Mostly I was letting everyone know I was going to be gone a little in other directions of things I need to tend to in ministry. God bless you sis. ❤️

  1. Joyce, there is still a kid in me for sure. It has been awhile since I sung that song as my youngest will be 50 tomorrow. Still, I like it. We are never too old to hear our Father speak and the gospel is so simple but brings life. Watching our eye and ear gate is a must as is guarding our words. A good reminder of being mindful of the traps.
    Blessings as you minister for Him. Prison ministry is so needful and God bless you as you bless others. Love you sis. Patricia

    • Thank you both, Patricia and Sandi!
      I feel like I already know each of you for God has surely linked us in the spirit together. Heavens best for you both as we walk through this life together, undergirded by His Strength, Joyce ❤️

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