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Let’s Become as a Little Child and Gather Around Him — 2 Comments

  1. Joyce,
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS! Simple & to the point.

    God would so rather that we were like children! Yet so many of us are always trying to be “ALL GROWN UP” so we think we can tell Him & everyone else what to do! We are SOOOOOO WRONG!

    But God in His mercy, grace,& kindness to us is ever beside us encouraging us, giving us hope & HIS AMAZING LOVE, THAT NEVER STOPS, NEVER RUNS OUT, BUT IS ALWAYS WITH US!!! HALLELUJAH!!! GOD is always there beside us, even when we dont know or realize it. He LOVES US ALL SO MUCH, that He willingly gave the life of His Son for our sins.

    Let us all become more like the little ones, that Jesus LOVES SO MUCH! So that we can become all that He wants each one of us to become.

    Blessings to you Joyce & your family. Precious are you to the LORD.  Bev

    • Thank you Bev.
      You are a blessed asset to the Kingdom of God and encourager in the faith to many of us.
      God bless and increase the anointing on your life. For as you know it is the anointing that will break the yoke. May God continue to use you and guide you.

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