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Lift Up Your Head O Ye Gates! — 6 Comments

  1. This is an awesome word. I feel this is speaking directly to me. I have always felt this way about the words you have prophesied.  Amen thank you Jesus. Thank you Father.

  2. It was many years ago that I visited a Church and in the Pastor’s office was a writing on the wall, “Other’s may, but you may not”. when I read the words, the Holy Spirit came upon me and asked me to surrender to those words and I did; even though I was hesitant. It was saying, that I would walk in obscurity, hidden to where no one would see me, but God. The last 35 years has been a challenge, but by submitting to God’s will, there is great reward. Now, He has a plan for me that I know many will never witness. Walking alone with God is forever rewarding and blessings have been overtaking me.

  3. Abba truth. Thank you.

    And for Jason on earth, as it is in Heaven; Jacob, Elijah and Moses. You are who you have spoken. Your Father in Heaven.

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