Light My Lamp

Oh Lord, light my lamp and fuel the flame
Mark my soul, imprint your name;
Watch over me in the darkest of nights
Illumine my path with Your marvelous light.

Like the bush that burned on the holy mount
Like the rock that flowed as a holy fount,
Touch my soul with your heavenly power
Increase Your glory hour by hour.

Only You know the way, my steps to guide;
Only You know the Truth, my mind to decide;
Only You have the life spark of eternal bliss;
Light my lamp with a heavenly kiss.

Refill my vessel with the Comforter’s oil,
An unlimited supply never to spoil,
Continually aflame with Your holy fire,
Totally consuming my heart’s desires.

Set me ablaze, like a torch in your hand,
As a beacon of prayer in this darkened land
To blow on the embers nearly dead and cold
Turning iron into silver and brass into gold.

I give You my lamp, my heart eager to learn,
Into Your care forever to burn
Light my lamp, trim my wick with not much ado
I am only complete living in YOU.


~ Mary B. Dovie
“In God We Trust”

Mary B. Dovie imageMary B. Dovie is an ordained minister of the Gospel under the covering of Joy Christian Church and Gideon Christian Fellowship in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She operates under a prophetic and teaching anointing.  Mary is married to her high school sweetheart, Paul; they live in Theodore, Alabama.  Their family includes son Anthony, who serves in the US Army, as well as their son Matthew, his wife, Jennifer, and daughters, Amelia and Stella.

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