Live With Greater Kingdom Purpose!


This is the hour and season to live with greater Kingdom purpose and intentionality.

I Prophesy over each of you today:  In this hour and season you will Live with Greater Kingdom purpose and intentionality and in doing so you will be protected, preserved and empowered by the Holy Ghost to advance and occupy new ground and new territory.  In this place of safety there is a Kingdom guarantee that you will not fall or stumble in the darkness.

I hear the Spirit say, “Warriors Don’t Quit,  Don’t give up,  Don’t Look back,  Don’t look to the right or to the left, for the race is not the swift, or the battle to the strong, for I have given you the Spirit of the Over Comer and a Spirit of Excellence.

I have anointed your head with the oil of the Finishers Anointing,”  says God.

“Even in this hour, I AM Increasing, Enlarging and Empowering the seed of your faith, enabling you to remain strong, steadfast, focused and fixed on the race that is set before you.  

Now arise mighty one and move forward with vision and victory.  Have I not promised to bring to completion and perfection that which I started in you?”  says God.

“Beloved in this hour of increasing uncertainty and rampant sin, wickedness and evil ONLY Keep your eyes straight ahead.

Keep FOCUSED on My Goodness and Grace, ignore all sideshow distractions and you will not be derailed or discouraged.  As you Watch your step and follow My leading the road before you will stretch out smooth and I will take you to fertile ground where I have prepared a table of the finest of foods for your enjoyment.

My child Look neither right nor to the left, but turn and leave evil in the dust,”  says God.

Friends In this season, we are seeing the hand of God uncovering and exposing the works of wickedness and darkness and the Spirit of Wisdom and Counsel is illuminating the path that is set before us.

In the last season, many in the body of Christ were shrouded with garments of Shame, Unworthiness and Condemnation, many walked in confusion and lacked the clarity to make wise and honourable chooses.

BUT in this new season many are now being freshly clothed with garments of double honour and dignity.  Heaven is releasing a new mandate and a new mantle to those that are fully surrendered and standing steadfast in faith, hope and expectation.

The Spirit of Truth and Revelation is moving swiftly across the body of Christ in this crucial hour to awaken many to their true Kingdom Identity, authority and purpose on the earth.

Many are receiving healing, total Restoration and Restitution.  Many are beginning to experience FREEDOM from their broken and fragmented pasts and many are being catapulted forward into their Kingdom Destiny and Instead of hiding their frailties, past failures and present weaknesses, many are now choosing to be realigned and repositioned by bringing ALL into the light of His Glory and Grace.

I Decree:   Out of the place of true surrender, repentance and sacrifice many will begin to see and experience God doing amazing and unexpected miracles in their lives.

Today I saw the spotlight of Heaven being shone upon many in the body of Christ.  The spotlight of His Love is revealing and then healing areas that need to be changed, transformed and reformed.

I heard the sound of chains breaking, heavy yokes cracking and strongholds of Shame, fear and control being dismantled and destroyed and I saw that where many have been bound and shackled to the past living in fear and despair now being set free and fully restored and renewed.

I prophesy:   In this New Season we are going to see a greater measure of His GRACE, GOODNESS AND MORE UNPRECEDENTED POWER being poured out over the Sons and Daughters of God.

Today I saw God restoring our Spiritual Focus and rebalancing the spiritual equilibrium across the Body of Christ.

As I was speaking with the Holy Spirit this morning, He gave me a specific phrase, I heard Him say,  “It is time for the sons and daughters of God to lock into the Father’s love and never look back!”

Friends, here are some keys that I believe will enable, equip and empower you to, “Lock into his love and never look back.”

  1. Walking in the Spirit.
  2. Setting our minds on the things of the Spirit,  (This is renewing our mind by the word of God, it is having a mindset that is oriented toward the things of the Spirit).
  3. Putting to death the deeds of the body by the Spirit,  (Not by might nor by power but by His Spirit).
  4. Being lead and directed by the Spirit,  (Being Fully Surrendered and totally Yielded to the Spirits Agenda).
  5. Hope in the Spirit, (Eager Expectation).
  6. Praying in the Spirit.

Praying for you all.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Live With Greater Kingdom Purpose! — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Veronika,
    this is a great confirmation to me about what requires from us these days.
    “…bringing into captivity (every) thought to the obedience of the Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10:5