Living as a True Christian Leader

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Beware of the Prophets who Kill

The Spirit of The Lord just spoke to me and said tell the people to, “Beware of the Prophets who Kill,”  these next three days.

Some of you have been given precise instructions directions and guidance by The Lord.  Be careful who you share these words with and watch out for those that shall hear about what is happening in your life right now.  Be alert of those that are asking questions about your next season.

Some of you shall encounter lying prophets, jealous prophets, false prophets, manipulating prophets, divination prophets.  They will be in full force on assignment with satan to misdirect and confuse you.

Don’t allow nobody I don’t care how gifted how accurate how anointed they seem to be don’t deviate don’t detour don’t change the words instructions or plans that God has given to you.

Disobedience could be deadly in this hour!  The same Prophet who lied to you will be used to pronounce your judgment then bury you!  Don’t let the enemy cause you to lose everything and perhaps even your life because you listen to the wrong prophet in your right season!

Read 1 Kings 13:1-32.

This is going to help somebody today!

Not long ago, I went through a situation with some persons who set out on a vendetta and mission to destroy me my name and my character.  Their mission was to attempt to discredit me and destroy the ministry that God had use me to build.

They contacted those who were connected to me and did all kinds of evil.  They attacked me through every avenue of social media with one mission, one goal, one agenda and that was to eliminate my voice from having an influence in the earth.

Anybody who know me, knows that nothing anybody says or does, would ever stop me from obeying God, or doing what He said.

I have been through some things that would have put some people in a mental institution, never to regain their right mind.  What they didn’t know, was they were being used by God to bring me into the completion of the process necessary to get me into the dimension of anointing and authority that I needed for this end time season that we are about to embark upon, and to perfect the condition of my heart so that nothing could shake me from having the ability to walk in unconditional love.

But this is what I wanted to get to, because in the course of this attack, persons whom I thought would not walk away or join in with the enemy, rose up also and became an adversary.

Now this is going to help many in leadership and set many free.  When I begin to pray and seek God and ask Him why did these persons come against me, this is what the Spirit of The Lord spoke to me. He said, “Nobody told you to hire your own assassin.”

He said that, “Those persons were never supposed to get into positions of being so close to you, or a part of your inner circle of those who are given permission to see certain dimensions of your intimacy.  You let persons who were only a assignment, enter into a covenant connection.”

He said assignments are sent for deliverance training and teaching for their spiritual lives, but connections are sent to help you build birth and develop lives and to cover you, so that the enemy can’t have easy and zero access to you.

When you put an assignment in a ‘connection position,’ remember they are not mature enough to handle the dimensions that they are being exposed to, and the enemy then is able to use them in a assassin capacity, because they were not spiritual equipped to fight against the warfare of the mind that brought them into the actions that came against you.

People, watch what position you let people occupy in your life.  Sometimes your warfare, your fight, your attack, is because you allowed a potential killer access to dimensions of you that they were never suppose to enter or see.

I am doing a inventory today.  I see right now there are some people whom I need to fire as a connection, and I can’t blame even the devil, because I am the one that HIRED MY OWN ASSASSIN!

REALTALK:  Don’t let your compassion get you killed!

Living as a True Christian Leader

One of the worst things that could happen to a person in their spiritual growth and development, is to attach to someone in leadership who is not only incapable of helping you, but also has the inability to know who you are, or what you are purposed to do.

You can be sitting under good leadership, but yet they are not spiritually qualified to impart into your life what is necessary to bring you to your spiritual purpose, or to help birth and develop your destiny.

So many in leadership refuse to admit when they have people in their congregation that they are not able to feed, teach, or train, because the mandate upon their lives is beyond the sphere of authority and the knowledge in which they walk.

I have seen many sit in a congregation and spiritually dry up and become unproductive vessels, because the leader they are connected to, never was able to help them to identify their calling mission or mandate.

They were incapable of fulfilling their assignment, because they never were inspired to work it.

They were called to a specific work in the kingdom, but they are find themselves working in various positions in the church, feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, because they have this urge that they are supposed to be doing something else, but never were stirred into what that urge was.

Leaders can sometimes be selfish concerning those to whom they are connected.  I have seen them misdirect people to keep them in the church and to stop their growth, so that they could hold the person captive in their ministry, never allowing them to walk in the potential of who they are, because they want to use their abilities to continue to build what they are called to do.

As a leader, I understand that it’s my job to make sure that those connected to me fulfill their personal purpose and destiny for which they were birthed into this world to do.

I would be less then a leader if I would hold them back, or keep them from going forth, because I don’t want to let them go.

Many times I grieve in my heart when I meet people who have sat in a church and just ‘existed,’ but never did what God called them to do.

To see the years that were eaten up by the selfish desire of someone who wanted to hold people because they were more concern with numbers and finances, than they were with pushing them to obey The Lord, saddens me.

I push people to seek God for themselves; to form their own personal relationship with The Lord; to study and get into the word; to learn God’s voice; so that they can know personally what their purpose is.

Pushing people to their destinies and getting them into places of fulfilling what The Lord has called them to do, should be the greatest achievement of any leader.

After all, we are called to make disciples, so that they can go into the world preach the gospel cast out devils heal the sick.

As a leader, I can never say I’m successful and fulfilled my destiny, until I have help those connected to me to fulfill theirs.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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