LORD, Increase Our Faith!


It is impossible, but that offences will come.  But woe unto him through whom they come!

Today, I know that I need Him more now, than ever before.  I’m not ashamed to say that.  In these last days, there is no doubt that we’re going to need more faith; much more.

Tribulations and offences, the poor spiritual heart conditions of so many, cold-heartedness of people and the desire for money, can wear down our patience.  They can.

“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine.  Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you,”   1 Timothy 4:16 (NKJV).

“Take heed to yourselves.”  What this means is that we are to keep a close watch on ourselves; our actions and our spirit.  We have tried to dismiss something that Jesus said here, “If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him.  And if he repent, forgive him,”  (Matthew 18:5).

It’s clear to me, that He is saying that we don’t just let everything go, that people, even family, do to us.  Our success in this, almost always depends on what kind of attitude we do this rebuking in.

But, to be sure we didn’t let ourselves off the hook too easily, He went on further.  If your brother, or sister also, trespass 7 times in one day, and 7 times in a day turn to you saying, “I repent,” thou shalt forgive him.

It’s likely, that most of us might never come up to that level; sometimes, not even close.

But, it was the example that our LORD set forth.  Can we imagine, just how forgiving the LORD had to be; right up to the very end of His life.  He was human, you know, and He knew well that our patience could wear very thin.  His did.

One can only testify for themselves.  We can find peace and true relief, but often it is only when the dust settles.  Some of us, are being pushed to the very limit.

The cares of life and the fact that some folks seem to get joy out of oppressing others, can cause us to suffer; in our body, our mind and in our spirit.  Whether it can be with sickness among us and our loved ones, or it be those who are giving place to the devil, we are often sorely pressed.  It’s possible.

We need that cleft in the Rock.  We must have that safe place we can run to; and for me, that’s to Him.

I’m so grateful today for the open and honest relationship I have with God.  We can talk.  There is no way that I could make it today, or even survive, without the hand of the LORD being upon me.

We might need to re-visit what Jesus said about, “He that endureth until the end. ” Perhaps some might have it, or seem to, but I can’t endure these times by myself.

At the end of telling the Apostles about forgiving everybody, this is where they actually said, “LORD, increase our faith.”  

It’s not time for beating around the bush.  Regardless of what we’re going through, our faith can sometimes weaken.  We’re not back-slidden as some say because we grow weary; it’s a part of the journey.

Today, I am praying even more, that He increases my faith.  But aren’t we glad, that Jesus said, it only takes a little?  Then He, can do all the rest!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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