MAJOR CHANGES COMING – A Prophetic Word to America


This morning early I was sleeping, and had a Dream.  It was a very disturbing dream in which I saw a great time of trouble coming upon America.  I was in the dream and another Friend I have who lives in Northern New Jersey, near New York City.  In the dream we were together and suddenly things begin to change rapidly.  It was rapid destruction and we were running to find safety.  I remember we were running and finally we discovered a place on a hill that would be a Safe Place.  I woke up very confused as to just what was coming.  It was at that moment (3 minutes before 3 AM) that I heard the voice of the Lord speak, get up and I will explain what you dreamed.

I went into the living room and began to listen and pray, and the Lord spoke about a time of ECONOMIC DEPRESSION COMING UPON AMERICA.   He spoke about it as if it would TOTALLY DESTROY MANY PEOPLES LIVES, AND THAT THEY WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING.  All their money and businesses would suffer great loss.  Many would lose their businesses all together and there would be a great depression.

The words He was speaking to me reminded me of words I had heard my earthly father speak about, when he was alive years ago, about the Great Depression in the thirties here in America.  He told me about how many lost all their money overnight because it had been in bank and the banks fell.  He said he remembered hearing about many who had jumped out of tall buildings and killed themselves because they lost all their money overnight.  He had talked about how he and his family were only able to live through the Great Depression because they lived on a farm and raised their own garden foods and cattle for meat and milk.  I remember him telling how his mother raised chickens to eat and sold the eggs for pennies to buy salt and household needs.  He also spoke about the soup lines and the many who could not find work or families who had no way to make a living. In the large cities it was really hard on all the people.

The Lord then told me: IT WILL NOT ALL BE ECONOMICS but there will be many PHYSICAL CHANGES.  When I heard that I saw in my spirit much destruction all up and down the East Coast.  I heard him than say there would be MUCH DESTRUCTION IN WASHINGTON, DC.  I said to him, wow… and your sending me to Washington in a few days?  He answered and said, I WILL PROTECT YOU.

[Please know that the Lord has told me, months ago in another Word, that he would physically shake Washington, DC to the place many buildings would fall down and the government would be greatly effected and changed.  What I heard as well in this word today (this morning in my spirit) that there would be such devastation up and down the East Coast.  I thought about Tsunami.  I saw destruction coming.  And you must know to California and other parts of this country.  This Word today and dream has reminded me of those other warnings.]

I will not write the Exact words I heard him say…. the words I wrote down He told me to write them, but there was much more said that I can not speak.  HERE ARE THOSE WORDS I HEARD HIM begin to speak.  (Note HIS EXACT WORDS APPEAR IN BOLD PRINT BELOW):


[I saw, when he spoke the above, in my spirit a sharp wire with a handle, upon which meat and vegetables are put to cook over (roast) a fire. But I wondered what he meant because he SPOKE ABOUT FORMING THEM INTO, DIFFERENT GROUPS. I look in the World English Dictionary for this description:

skewer (ˈskjʊə) — n 1. a long pin for holding meat in position while being cooked, etc 2. a similar pin having some other function 3. chess a tactical manoeuvre in which an attacked man is made to move and expose another man to capture. ~Explanation by KD]

I will skewer people into groups.  Those separated unto me will live and move and act like me.  I will purify them even more than they already are making them conform to the very image of me.  [He then spoke about Saul who had been changed on the Road to Damascus, when Suddenly a Light shown around him and he was stricken blind.  Saul became Paul and he went out to become the mighty Apostle to the Gentiles.  A man much like Him.  I know he was talking about CHANGING PEOPLE BY HIS POWER from one person to another, by touching them.  Many will be changed in a moment of time beyond their expectation.  ~Explanation by KD]

Now see many fall, watch them burn because I will hold all over the Fire.

What I speak will be a Great Collapse. Many will shake.  The Economy most of all.  There will be, SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL.  Again, many will Fall.  Their Businesses will be Gone.

My People, who are in their Group will be the Protected Ones.  They will in those days rise to prominence.  [I understood what he meant when he said “In their Group”.  He meant that it would be important that His People be found IN FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHERS AND IN SERVICE TO HIM. They would be IN THEIR GROUP OF BELIEVERS.]

I will tear down and Rebuild as I want to rebuild them and NOTHING can STOP ME!

Watch my new business men rise. See their Prosperity.  They will rise, many of them, from rags to riches, FROM FAILURE TO PROMOTION.  [The Lord is explaining to me that he is going to PROMOTE his men in business and He is going to cause them to rise up and to PROSPER when many around them fall.  In this time coming, God himself will promote his People and bless the work of their hands.  The world around them will fall, those who are evil, but them that are His will RISE UP AND BECOME VERY PROSPEROUS.]


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I have written this Word in obedience to the Lord. I have said what I have heard him say and written as I have received revelation knowledge of what he is going to do in the coming MAJOR CHANGES.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey

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  1. Job 5:20-24 (AMP)
    20 In famine He will redeem you from death, and in war from the power of the sword.
    21 You shall be hidden from the scourge of the tongue, neither shall you be afraid of destruction when it comes.
    22 At destruction and famine you shall laugh, neither shall you be afraid of the living creatures of the earth.
    23 For you shall be in league with the stones of the field, and the beasts of the field shall be at peace with you.
    24 And you shall know that your tent shall be in peace, and you shall visit your fold and your dwelling and miss nothing [from them].