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  1. On March 18th, 2017 God gave me the grace to be at heaven’s gate. Three off us leaned on the gate that was at waist level admiring the beautiful garden, while the rest of the saints (small group) sat on white chairs behind us also waiting. To the right of three of us was a space (gap) about one foot wide, I don’t know the depth of it, and on the the other side was a large group in their own conversations and laughing.
    While I stood at the gate with the two other people, I saw the souls of those who died floating and as soon as the souls came over the gate on which we were leaning their feet touched the ground and they walked happily and in haste towards the direction we were facing. As they walked, there were gold dusts beneath their feet. I told the person to my right, “this is the introductory part of heaven, the main part of heaven has streets of pure gold.”
    At that moment I heard God said, “Son go get your bride.”
    At that instance I sense Jesus and an angel came before us (I didn’t see them just sense their presence; it’s been over 25 years when I last saw Jesus physically which was frequent in my elementary age). The angel acclaimed disappointed, “the bride is so small!”.
    At that moment I turned around to look for my siblings and I didn’t see any. At which point I looked to the larger group, where the gap separated the two groups, on my toes straining to locate family but I did see any and to which point I said to the large group of people, “come over,the bride is too small!”.
    No one heard me because they were too busy in their conversations.  Then I looked again searching for family, that’s when I saw my sister in a black and white dress floating in, and she sat on a white chair and folded her arms looking around to see who she knows. I was jumping in excitement waving my hands, “I’m here, I’m here!”, but see didn’t see me because I was all the way at the front.
    Then I thought of my last brother whose after me and I said, “oh Elvis!”, and I heard the angel said, “he’s On his way, we’re bringing him.”
    At this point God acclaimed in a very strong voice to the angel, that could be described as angry, go to the highways and byways and bring all those you can get”.
    Then I saw God moved the hand of the clock, which had midnight, to five minutes to. Then I awoke, and only then I remembered my two other brothers; in the dream I didn’t remember them.
    I called my siblings and shared the dream. I told them we don’t have much time. That they need to get their souls right.
    Children of God, love God, put Him first in everything! If you love God, it becomes easy to love others.
    We don’t have much time! Don’t be among those to whom Jesus will says, get away from me, I never knew you, read Matthew 25:31-46.

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