My Business or His Ministry?


Many ‘called’ to the marketplace have weathered storm upon storm, felt the flames of adversity, and fought the good fight of faith many times.

Yet lack the true overcoming power to make the final leap into His Kingdom upon earth in their specific calling.

While this writing pertains specifically to the marketplace, it, in general terms, applies to any calling.

I am again facing obstacles in my calling, and sense for the first time I am seeing beyond the obstacle itself, to something of much greater importance – the key to overcoming the obstacle!

The key, I believe, has been revealed to me, and though I have seen it many times, like Job 42: 5,6, I knew it without knowing it. “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have see you.  Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes.”

What is the key that unlocks His overcoming power – that transitions us from death and decay unto life and His appointed abundance (3 John 2)?

I believe the key is found in one simple question – are we spirit beings possessing a body, or, are we human beings possessing God’s Spirit?

Obviously we are both, but it is our personal perspective that unlocks the key.  If we are to experience the Kingdom upon earth we must focus upon the spiritual side of our existence, which is to say we are spirit beings possessing a body.

However, there is a force of nature roaring against our lives being lived from a spiritual perspective; that is the human side, and the physical elements of our humanity – “The flesh wars against the spirit…”

We must constantly gauge from which of these two we are living.

If we are called to the marketplace our resources will define us.

If we possess our resources, which is revealed by our worry and stress over them, then we continue to live in the human side of things: we are retaining ownership, and our worry proves it.

However, if we live with release and rest, free of worry and doubt, then we live with the spiritual side of things, and this is the key to the calling.

My business is either ‘my business’ or His Ministry – it cannot be both!  My assets are either ‘my possessions’ or His assets – they cannot be both.

Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him to himself.  Our circumstances in the marketplace reveal us. If we live in such a place of trust and peace, worry free and without doubt, then we have NOT retained ownership and our business is ‘His Ministry.’

On the other hand, if, when challenges come (and they will come), we are besieged with stress and anxiety, ‘His Ministry’ has become ‘our business.’

Desperate acts to save or prop up our business (or ministry) are further actions revealing the race we are living in – human or spiritual.

Like the dial on an old radio, we must re-tune our hearts and rejoin the spiritual Kingdom which makes us foreigners upon this earth.

“Unlike Jesus, people in general have a problem putting first things first.  When man lost his dominion in the Garden of Eden he also lost his sense of proper priority and purpose. In fact, all humanity wrestles with two parallel problems related to priority: either absence of priority or misplaced priority.

Both carry significant consequences.”

July 31st, 2011


Clay Sikes

Clay SikesClay Sikes  ~ Lighthouse Prophecy.



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