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“My Butterflies — Release Them to Fly!” — 3 Comments

  1. The past week I have been receiving a number of things regarding Butterfly Sons! It Started the day before the Mariposa Grove fire in California.  Mariposa means BUTTERFLY!  Mariposa Grove is home to a Grove of ancient giant sequoia trees.
    Butterflies have FOUR WINGS…Ezekiel…ANCIENT trees.  FIREFLIES!

  2. June 2 this year I had a vision I would like to share. I was in a barren place, a wasteland, only dry broken ground as far as my eyes could see. With absolutely nothing there. I was sitting on the ground, bare feet.

    Then a woman came to me with a baby car. I thought it was her’s but she gave it to me. She said, “it belongs to you”.
    When I looked inside, I saw it was full of precious jewels and butterfly’s.
    She said “Release it”, and I did. The butterfly’s flew away.
    She said, “look at your feet”! As I did I saw that the barren place was in complete bloom. The softest grass for my feet and the most beautiful flowers everywhere.

    Then Jesus appeared. He took my hand and we walked together. He said, “your feet will never touch a barren place again.
    I asked The LORD where the jewels went. He said, “Look at your feet!” So I did, and every step that I took I left jewels on the place where I walked.
    He said, “Look at your hands!” I did, and I saw the jewels flowing out of my hands like water. He said, “Look at your mouth!” I did, and the jewels were streaming out of my mouth every word I spoke.

    Thank you for sharing this Jo-Ellen. It is a conformation for me.

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