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My Double Doors of Blessing are Open — 7 Comments

  1. OMG! My Sister you are on it! Bless the Lord!
    You have confirmed God’s word for me even down to the last scripture.. especially the last scripture! May God continue to pour out his blessings on you and your ministry!

    Thank you!

  2. Amen!!! Over a decade ago The Lord told me HE would do in 5 months what would take MOST people 10-15 years to accomplish… I knew it was for now because there was unusual warfare!!! No more… Hallelujah!!! VICTORY!!!

  3. Dear Deborah
    Again you have spoken into the core of my heart – the poverty, barrenness, loneliness and failure that persists in my life is just too much to bear.  The intensity of the fight (since July 2016) has left me numb, dumbfounded, disheartened as I cannot see the hand of God as Father anymore. How long do the sons of God have to fight for their inheritance?
    So… today your words encourage me again to get up and look up. Maybe today the warfare ends. Maybe today Abba gives me bread and not a stone. Maybe today I feel like God’s princess and not a ragdoll. Today I will expect a breakthrough.
    Thank you and bless you!

    • Dear SS
      I read your reply and appreciate the fact that you are real and true in your words. Many are walking around wearing a smile but inwardly they are broken and sombre… at the brink of hopelessness. It has been a tough season for many, including myself… I have had many boxing matches with the Lord. Through it all I have seen the refiners fire purify me and draw me closer to Him… the time of the breakthrough will come… continue to fight the good fight of faith… He is faithful and you will see the promises unfold in your life…

      The battle can often leave us weary and with many more bruises than when we started… it is God’s will for our soul’s to prosper. I came across a few videos by Kaite Souza which has helped me and may help you… here is the link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up3vlz_SdYI

  4. Yes, an awesome wonderous Promise coming to pass in my life. This I declare is my Karios Moment spoken to me in times past, my set time for Favor, Increase, Abundance, Prosperity, Riches, Wealth, Thy Kingdom has Come into my life, as it is in heaven, so shall it be in my life. I have made it. I endured the hard trails, testing, Risen above, am an Overcomer. Yes, the attacks against me has been fierce, overwhelming. My time is Now !  My warfare, has ended ! Hallelujah!
    Yes Daddy, many Prophetic Words, given to me, has Not been fulfilled, yet this awesome year of 2017, I shall see the full manifestations of All you have spoken over my life, come into fruition. Shouts of Joy to me. Now is my time of Favor, No More Delay. I decree it so unto me. I am long overdue. Double Portions to me in this New Year of 2017 is my year for Greatness. My Double Doors Of Blessings Are Open. Thank you Abba, as I await expectantly, for my eyes shall see the open heavens over my life. I love you Abba. Thank you for all and everything you have promise to me. I take it in Celebration Now. Speaking personally to me. I hear. I hear. I hear you. Blessings to you Abba Father, and to Deborah, for sharing your awesome words of encouragement to me, to keep pressing into you. Hallelujah !

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