The Prodigals


During this season I have been working a hunger and thirst in the hearts of many prodigals, for truly they have found that the things of this world hold no permanent satisfaction.

Many of the prodigals who have been drawn away from My Kingdom, have been ensnared and entrapped in bondages of the enemy and are weary and battle worn.

Your prayers on their behalf are powerful.  DON’T STOP PRAYING!  DON’T GIVE UP!  My Spirit is brooding over them, and angels are ministering to them.

Addictions, ropes and chains that have bound them shall be cut away, as they fall to their knees in despair and cry out to Me.  I encircle them in My arms of love and set them back on the pathway to their eternal home.


~ Linda Patterson

Linda PattersonLinda Patterson is an ordained minister in Ontario, Canada. Deeply in love with Jesus, her Bridegroom King, Linda is an intercessor and warrior.  One of the ministries God has called her to, ‘Adorning The Bride,’ is speaking from the heart of God to the Remnant Church. Linda and husband Doug, are the founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre.

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