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  1. I love your posts June so much – God literally uses you to answer questions I’ve ask just hours before I read them, but this one confuses me. We cannot enter the Kingdom without repentance. Turn from your wicked ways… Repent for the Kingdom of God is near…
    For you to say “I have called you into My kingdom and My call is without repentance” is not a biblical statement.

  2. How does one stir up the gifts ? I’ve heard this phrase repeated so often in church and on other prophetic messages for years but no clear literal instructions on how. Thanks!

    • I’ve been taught the “stirring up” comes through an act of faith. Gifts of healings come “by faith” through the laying on of hands. Gift of prophecy comes “through faith” by speaking exactly what you believe the LORD has spoken. Again, Words of Knowledge/Wisdom come “by faith” and simply speak that which you believe the Holy Spirit is saying. The more you use them then the better they will flow in operation – what we call the Anointing.

      • Chase,

        Thank you for the explanation. I’ll do some reading on what you shared. Thank you for taking the time to explain. God bless you!

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